Electoral history of Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt

President of the United States

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President of the United States

Theodore Roosevelt in 1904.

Electoral history of Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States (1901–1909), 25th Vice President of the United States (1901) and 33rd Governor of New York (1899–1900)

New York gubernatorial race, 1898 New York gubernatorial election, 1898[1]

Vice Presidential race, 1900 1900 Republican National Convention (Vice Presidential tally):[2]

  • Theodore Roosevelt - 925 (99.89%)
  • Abstaining - 1 (0.11%)

United States presidential election, 1900:

Presidential races, 1904-1916[edit]

1904 Republican National Convention (Presidential tally)[3]

  • Theodore Roosevelt (inc.) - 994 (100.00%)

United States presidential election, 1904:

1908 Republican National Convention (Presidential tally):[4]

1911 New York Republican Senate caucus:[5]

1912 Republican presidential primaries:[6]

1912 Republican National Convention (Presidential tally):[7]

1912 Progressive National Convention:[8]

  • Theodore Roosevelt - unamiously

United States presidential election, 1912:

1916 Progressive presidential primaries:[9]

1916 Republican presidential primaries:[10]

1916 Progressive National Convention:[11]

  • Theodore Roosevelt - unamiously

1916 Republican National Convention:[12]

1st ballot:

2nd ballot:

3rd ballot: