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Electrecord logo.jpg
Founded1932 (1932)
Country of originRomania
Official websitewww.electrecord.ro

Electrecord is a Romanian record label which was founded in 1932. It was subsequently transformed into the national recording company following the socialist doctrine of centralization and was the only record label in Communist Romania.


Early Electrecord disc

Communist times[edit]

To avoid disc importing from Western Europe and the U.S., Electrecord was often demanded to release copies of some of the discs released abroad (just as recording companies in U.S.S.R. were doing themselves). Even today it is the subject of many anecdotes complaining about the bad quality of Romanian discs; a comparison between an import and a local copy would be the most eloquent proof.[citation needed]

Electrecord had to balance the government's demands with those of listeners and musicians. Despite the poor quality of recordings and the lack of information on disc covers, Electrecord released a number of collection discs of which the most successful were the Formaţii de muzică pop series (translated "pop music bands"), which became Formaţii rock – "rock bands" starting with number four.


Beginning in 1990, Electrecord lost market share as record companies formed. But some of the groups who recorded for the label continued. Most discs released by Electrecord after 1990 were either greatest hits albums extracted from older recordings or remastered versions of LPs.

In June 2017, Electrecord released the album Songbird by pop singer-songwriter NAVI.[1]


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