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Electribe is a group of electronic musical instruments by Korg. From its beginnings with the Electribe R to the ESX-1, this series includes both analogue modeling synthesizers and sampling drum machines that can be programmed the same as a drum machine. The analogue modeling synth and sampling drum machine both share a drum-pattern section and a synth-pattern section, whereby the user can not only program drum patterns, but also synth and basslines. These hybrid machines could be considered 'grooveboxes'.

The launch party for the product in 1999 was announced with a recorded CD invitation that was featured in Entertainment Weekly magazine as one of the best party invitations of the year.[1][2]


Electribe A (EA-1)
Electribe A (EA-1)
Electribe R (ER-1)
Electribe R (ER-1)
Electribe S (ES-1)
Electribe S (ES-1)
1st generation - Released 1999-2000
  • EA-1: Analog Modeling Synthesizer [3]
  • ER-1: Rhythm Synthesizer[3]
  • ES-1: Rhythm Production Sampler[4]
  • EM-1: Music Production Station
Electribe R mkII
Electribe R mkII
Electribe SX (ESX-1)
Electribe SX (ESX-1)
Electribe MX (EMX-1)
Electribe MX (EMX-1)
2nd generation - Released 2003-4
  • EA-1 mkII: Analog Modeling Synthesizer
  • ER-1 mkII: Rhythm Synthesizer
  • ES-1 mkII: Rhythm Production Sampler (using SmartMedia storage. Maximum size card recognized is 64MB)
  • ESX-1: Music Production Sampler (using SmartMedia storage)[5]
  • EMX-1: Music Production Station (using SmartMedia storage)[6][7]
3rd generation - Released 2010
iElectribe for iPad
iPad application
4th generation - Announced Sept 2014


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