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Electribe A (EA-1)

Electribe is the name given to a group of electronic musical instruments by Korg. From its beginnings with the Electribe R to the ESX-1, this series includes both analogue modeling synthesizers and sampling drum machines that can be programmed the same as a drum machine. The analogue modeling synth and sampling drum machine both share a drum-pattern section and a synth-pattern section, whereby the user can not only program drum patterns, but also synth and basslines. These hybrid machines could be considered 'grooveboxes'.


Electribe S (ES-1)
Electribe R (ER-1)
1st generation
  • EA-1: Analog Modeling Synthesizer [1]
  • ER-1: Rhythm Synthesizer[1]
  • ES-1: Rhythm Production Sampler
  • EM-1: Music Production Station
Electribe R mkII
2nd generation
  • EA-1 mkII: Analog Modeling Synthesizer
  • ER-1 mkII: Rhythm Synthesizer
  • ES-1 mkII: Rhythm Production Sampler (using Smart Media storage. Maximum size card recognized is 64MB)
Electribe SX (ESX-1)
Electribe MX (EMX-1)
3rd generation
  • ESX-1: Music Production Sampler (using Smart Media storage)
  • EMX-1: Music Production Station (using Smart Media storage)
  • ESX-1SD: Music Production Sampler (Identical to the ESX-1, but using Secure Digital (SD) storage)
  • EMX-1SD: Music Production Station (Identical to the EMX-1, but using Secure Digital (SD) storage)
iElectribe for iPad
iPad application
4th generation - Announced Sept 2014


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