Electric Loco Shed, Vadodara

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Electric Loco Shed, Vadodara
Owner(s)Indian Railways
Operator(s)Western Railway
Depot code(s)BRC
TypeElectric Engine shed
Rolling stockWAP 4, WAP-5, WAP 7, WAM 4, WAG 5, WAG 9
Routes servedAhmedabad–Mumbai main line
Mathura–Vadodara section

Vadodara Electric Loco Shed is an electric engine shed located in Vadodara, in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is located to south of Vadodara railway station, it falls under the Vadodara railway division of Western Railway. It is the largest of locomotive sheds in the Western Railway zone. The shed is controlled by Sr. DEE TRS (Shri. Hariskesh Meena) who is highest authority in the shed with a team of other four officers ( DEE TRS (Shri Divakar kumar), DEE TRS 1 (Smt. Shikha Saini ), AEE TRS 1 (Shri Anshul Bansal), AEE TRS 2 ( Shri Ushman Asthani).At present the shed houses 234 locomotives, which include WAP 4 , 72 in no.s, WAP-5, 77 in no.s, WAP 7, 50 in numbers, WAG 5, 35 in no s, locomotives.[1][2][3][4][5]


Electric Loco Shed, Vadodara based WAP-4E loco 22352

It was established in the 1970s specifically to home dual-power locos. It holds more than 50 WAG 5 class locomotives. Shed received WAG-7 in 2013.

It was an AC electric trip shed to house locos coming from other sheds and an AC/DC dual loco trip shed which houses WCAM class locomotives from Valsad shed and which allows locomotive changes at Vadodara because the trains which were coming from New Delhi mainline are AC Locomotives and the trains going to Mumbai need AC/DC Loco.

Post AC conversion of Western Railway, WCAM 1 & WCAM 2/2P fleet transferred to Central Railway's Kalyan Loco Shed. WCAM 1 was slowly condemned and are out if service totally.

Rolling stock[edit]

The shed homes about 234 electric locomotives of varied types, which are its primary rolling stock of the shed.

Types of Locos maintained and their HP & holdings[edit]

SN Loco Holding
1. WAG 5 35
2. WAP 5 112
3. WAP 4 86
4. WAP 7 119


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