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For the film, see Electric Slide (film).

The Electric (better known as The Electric Slide) is a four wall line dance set to Marcia Griffiths' song "Electric Boogie". Choreographer Ric Silver created the dance in 1976 from a demo of the Marcia Griffiths recording and the original choreography has 22 steps.[1] The Electric Slide (the 18 step variation) went viral in 1989 and for ten years was listed by Linedancer Magazine as the number one dance in the world.[citation needed]


In 2007, Ric Silver filed DMCA-based take-down notices to YouTube users who posted videos of people performing the 18-step dance variation. (There are several variations of the Electric, including the Freeze [16 step], Cowboy Motion [24 step], Cowboy Boogie [24 step], and the Electric Slide 2 [18 step]. Variations must from now on all carry the listing "a variation of 'The Electric' choreographed by Ric Silver".)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed suit against Silver, asking the court to protect the free speech rights of a videographer who captured a few steps of the dance in a documentary video posted to the Internet.[2]

On May 22, 2007, the EFF came to an agreement to settle the lawsuit: the settlement states that Mr. Silver will license the Electric Slide under a Creative Commons license[3] and to also post the new license on any of his current or future websites that mention the Electric Slide. EFF agreed to see that all users of The Electric Slide and its variations reference Mr. Silver's name as choreographer.


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