Electric Time Company

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Industry Clock manufacturing
Founded Massachusetts, United States (1932 (1932))
Headquarters Medfield, Massachusetts, United States
Products tower clocks, post clocks, and bracket clocks.
Website www.electrictime.com

Electric Time Company, founded in 1928, is a manufacturer of tower and street clocks marketed worldwide.


Electric Time Company was founded in 1928 and incorporated in the state of Massachusetts in 1932. It was founded by a salesman for the Self Winding Clock Company and Telechron of Ashland, Massachusetts. Originally part of Telechron it progressed from an office in Boston, Massachusetts to manufacturing facilities in Wellesley, Massachusetts; South Natick, Massachusetts; and, currently, a 50,000 square foot (4,600 m2) manufacturing facility in Medfield, Massachusetts.[1]

Electric Time produces approximately 1000 clocks annually and is the largest maker of custom outdoor clocks in the United States.[2] Electric Time produces tower clocks, post clocks, and bracket clocks. Electric Time has many clock installations throughout the world, ranging from Brazil to Turkey to Europe. Some notable installations are Wrigley Field, Tiffany & Co, Disneyworld, Disneyland and the Great American Ball Park.[3]


Electric Time has been featured on the documentary series How It's Made[4] and the local Boston television news magazine Chronicle. Electric Time was the basis for an article in the Wall Street Journal on Street Clocks.[5]


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