List of electrical and electronic measuring equipment

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Below is the list of measuring instruments used in electrical and electronic work.

Name Purpose
Ammeter Measures current
Audio analyzer Analyzes (analog and digital) systems handling audio signals
Capacitance meter Measures the capacitance of a component
Cos Phi Meter Measures the power factor
Distortionmeter Measures the distortion added to a circuit
Electricity meter Measures the amount of energy dissipated
ESR meter Mesures the equivalent series resistance of capacitors
Frequency counter Measures the frequency of the current
LCR meter Measures the inductance, capacitance and resistance of a component
Microwave power meter Measures power at microwave frequencies
Multimeter General purpose instrument measures voltage, current and resistance (and sometimes other quantities as well)
Network analyzer Measures network parameters
Ohmmeter Measures the resistance of a component
Oscilloscope Displays waveform of a signal
Psophometer Measures AF signal level and noise
Q meter Measures Q factor of the RF circuits
Signal analyzer Measures both the amplitude and the modulation of a RF signal
Signal generator Generates signals for testing purposes
Spectrum analyser Displays frequency spectrum
Sweep generator Creates constant-amplitude variable frequency sine waves to test frequency response
Transistor tester Tests transistors
Tube tester Tests vacuum tubes (triode, tetrode etc.)
Wattmeter Measures the power
Vectorscope Displays the phase of the colors in color TV
Video signal generator Generates video signal for testing purposes
Voltmeter Measures the potential difference between two points in a circuit.
VU meter Meaures the level of AF signals in Volume units