Electricity (Suede song)

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Electricity cd1.jpg
Single by Suede
from the album Head Music
Released April 12, 1999
Format CD
Recorded 1999
Genre Alternative rock, electronic rock
Length 4:39
Label Nude
Writer(s) Brett Anderson, Neil Codling, Richard Oakes
Producer(s) Steve Osborne, Ben Hillier, Bruce Lampcov
Suede singles chronology
"She's in Fashion"

"Electricity" is the first single from the album Head Music by Suede, released on April 12, 1999 on Nude Records. It reached #5 on the UK Singles Chart.[1]


The band re-emerged with this successful electronic tune after two years away from the public. For the first time, synthesizers are used as a primary part of a song, working in parallel with the distorted guitar as opposed to just providing backgrounds. The single helped guide the band's new direction, as evident in the fact that electronics were also heavily used in Head Music.

"Electricity" is produced by Steve Osborne, "Popstar" and "See That Girl" are produced by Ben Hillier while "Waterloo" is produced by Bruce Lampcov. The video for the title song was directed by Mike Lipscombe, and is one of the band's few big budget videos.

Critical reception[edit]

Reviews to the highly awaited single were mixed. The Mirror rated it 9 out of 10, writing: "Open the windows, whack this on full blast and watch the sparks fly. Rock is in this summer."[2] However, some Scottish critics felt that the single was lacking creativity. The Daily Record wrote: "Loyal Suede fans have put Brett Anderson's band back in the Top 10, but 'Electricity' lacks the energy of previous hits."[3] Likewise, The List wrote: "'Electricity' finds Suede treading water when they should be breaking new ground."[4]

Track listings[edit]

  1. "Electricity" (Brett Anderson, Neil Codling, Richard Oakes)
  2. "Implement Yeah!" (Anderson, Codling, Simon Gilbert, Oakes, Mat Osman )
  1. "Electricity" (Anderson, Codling, Oakes)
  2. "Popstar" (Anderson, Gilbert, Oakes, Osman)
  3. "Killer" (Anderson, Oakes)
  1. "Electricity" (Anderson, Codling, Oakes)
  2. "See That Girl" (Anderson)
  3. "Waterloo" (Codling)
  1. "Electricity" (Anderson, Codling, Oakes)
  2. "Popstar" (Anderson, Gilbert, Oakes, Osman)
  3. "Killer" (Anderson, Oakes)
  4. "See That Girl" (Anderson)
  5. "Waterloo" (Codling)
  6. "Implement Yeah!" (Anderson, Codling, Gilbert, Oakes, Osman)


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