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The Electricity Act 1947 was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that nationalised 505 separate electricity generation and supply organizations in Great Britain on 1 April 1948, both privately owned and state owned, and consolidated them into 14 area electricity boards of the new Central Electricity Authority that the Act created[1] (also known as the British Electricity Authority), which subsequently became the Central Electricity Generating Board. The duty of the area boards was to acquire bulk supplies of electricity from the Central Authority and to distribute electricity economically and efficiently.[1] The Act also transferred the generating assets and liabilities of a number of companies in England and Wales into a single state-controlled body.[2]

Area electricity boards
Area elec boards.png
  1. North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board (created 1943)
  2. South West Scotland Electricity Board
  3. South East Scotland Electricity Board
  4. North Western Electricity Board
  5. North Eastern Electricity Board
  6. Yorkshire Electricity Board
  7. Merseyside and North Wales Electricity Board
  8. East Midlands Electricity Board
  9. South Wales Electricity Board
  10. Midlands Electricity Board
  11. Eastern Electricity Board
  12. South Western Electricity Board
  13. Southern Electricity Board
  14. London Electricity Board
  15. South Eastern Electricity Board

Subsequently, the South of Scotland Electricity Board (SSEB), was formed as a result of the Electricity Reorganisation (Scotland) Act 1954[3] when on 1 April 1955, South West Scotland Electricity Board and South East Scotland Electricity Board were merged.

The 1947 Act and most other related British legislation were repealed and replaced by the Electricity Act 1989.

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