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Electro Brain
IndustryVideo game industry

Electro Brain was a United States video game company. They brought over Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth for the Nintendo 64, as well as published games like Go! Go! Tank, on the Nintendo Game Boy, Super Cars and Ghoul School for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Vortex and Jim Power: Lost Dimension in 3D for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and Brain Battler, Brain Bender, Daffy Duck: Fowl Play, Go! Go! Tank and Kingdom Crusade for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. They only developed one game, Trax, a side scrolling shooting game, on the Nintendo Game Boy in 1991. In 1998, Electro Brain filed for bankruptcy and closed down after the company published their last two games, which were on the Nintendo 64, Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth, and Dual Heroes, that failed to gain revenue for the unsuccessful company.

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