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Parent company Universal Music Group (2013–present)
Founded December 1925
Founder Gramophone Company
Genre Various
Country of origin Germany
Location Cologne
Official website www.universal-music.de/company/umg/electrola

Electrola is a German record label, and a subsidiary label of Universal Music Group. Based in Cologne, its roster has a large number of successful artists, both past and present, including Chumbawumba, Matthias Reim, Helene Fischer, Brings, Höhner and Santiano.


Electrola was a record label founded in Berlin in 1925 by the Gramophone Company. In March 1931 Electrola, along with its parent label and Carl Lindström Company parent Columbia Graphophone Company, merged to form the Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI). The German EMI unit was first called Lindstrom-Electrola. After World War II, it acquired the German rights to the His Master's Voice trademark from Deutsche Grammophon in 1949. Along with EMI and Apple Records, Electrola also released several of The Beatles' singles and albums in Germany, including their 1970 album Hey Jude (album) and their 1965 album Help! (album). In 1996 Electrola released a compilation album of the Cliff Richard`s songs recorded in German language as part of the Premium Gold Collection Series.


In 2002, Electrola was merged with the German branch of Virgin Records to form EMI Music Germany. With the acquisition of most of EMI by Universal Music Group in 2012, UMG now handles the German EMI (and Electrola) back catalog. The original HMV logo has continued as the label's logo over time.


Electrola has achieved international chart success through many high-profile artists. Two of the most notable hits in the label's history are Marlene Dietrich's 1945 classic "Lili Marleen", and more recently Chumbawumba's 1997 one-hit wonder "Tubthumping".

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