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Electrolux Laundry Systems, previously named Electrolux-Wascator, is a supplier of laundry equipment including washer extractors, dryers and finishing equipment. The company part of Electrolux Professional within the Electrolux Group.


The company Värmelednings AB Calor was founded in Stockholm in 1902. Calor’s primary business interest was the installation of heating systems, but they also produced large, belt-driven washing machines.

The company’s previous brand Wascator (a combination of the words washing and lavatory) was given to a small front-loading washing machine intended for household use at the end of the 1940s. A few years after the success of the first small Wascator washing machine, the entire company adopted the name Wascator. In 1973 the company was acquired by Electrolux and Electrolux- Wascator was formed. The company provides laundry equipment for applications including homes, apartment houses, hotels, health care institutions, industrial laundry operations and coin-operated launderettes.

The company has approximately 1,108 employees at three manufacturing plants in France, Sweden and Thailand and sales companies in 19 countries, via a network of 120 importers.

Product range[edit]

The company supplies commercial laundry equipment including washer extractors, barrier and side load washers, tumble dryers, ironers, finishing equipment, standard reference washing machine and wet-cleaning equipment. Their products are ROHS-compliant and over 95% recyclable[citation needed]. Their factories are ISO 14001-certified.


A Wascomat TD 50 'Triple Load' clothes dryer located at a laundromat in Beckley, WV

In the United States, their products are marketed under the brands Electrolux and Wascomat, by Laundrylux., which has the rights to market and sell the Wascomat and Electrolux brands throughout North America. The largest customers are coin-operated laundries, multi-family laundries, and on-premises laundries.


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