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Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer

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Electronic Saviors is a series of cancer charity[1] industrial music compilations of exclusive tracks and mixes compiled by Jim Semonik of Rein[Forced], mastered by Chase Dudley and Wade Allin, and released through Distortion Productions and Metropolis Records. It is heavily promoted through various shows,[2][3][4] through radio airplay,[5] podcasts,[6][7] and via trailers.[8] As of 2019, the collections had raised more than $70,000 for various cancer related charities,[9] and had received an award from the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS).[10]

According to Semonik, Electronic Saviors was inspired by There Is No Time, a compilation of the industrial music scene released by Ras Dva in 1995.[11]

In 2017 the first spin-off album was released[12] and in 2018 the first music video of an Electronic Saviors track debuted on Regen Magazine's website.[13]

The sixth and purportedly final entry in the series was released on June 12, 2020.[14]

Initial release[edit]

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedJanuary 21, 2010
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer
Electronic Saviors Volume 2: Recurrence
Professional ratings
Review scores
Brutal Resonance [15]
Disc 1: Diagnosis and Insurance
1."Stay Sick"SMP 
2."Notes From a War"Stromkern 
3."Smoking Gun"Boole 
4."Never Say Farewell"Interface 
5."Solar Max (The Jimmy Semtex Coil)"CHEMLAB 
6."Goodbye"Bow Ever Down 
7."Jim, Let Me Know When You Can Drink Again (Extreme Party Stylezz)"The Gothsicles 
9."Things Unkind"16 Volt 
10."Malignancy (Pancreatitis Mix)"Rein[Forced] 
11."Save Your Serpent (Light as a Feather Mix)"Ego Likeness 
12."7 Dimensional"Burikusu!!! 
14."Endure (Encoder Mix)"Cesium 137 
15."Axium (Post-Affliction Version feat. 16 Volt)"Cyanotic 
16."Deliverance"Silent Auction 
17."Cancerous Catalyst Converter"Terror Firma Sky 
Disc 2: Chemotherapy and Radiation
1."Beat It. Kill It."The Dark Clan 
2."Search and Destroy (Savior Version)"The Azoic 
3."Version2 (Aesthetic Perfectic Mix)"genCAB 
4."The Fight"Christ Analogue 
5."Malignant Disco"Prometheus Burning featuring Jimmy Semtex of Rein{Forced] 
6."Run First"boxed warning 
7."Impermanence (Flight AC-112 Mix)"Assemblage 23 
8."From A Wateland To A Dream"I:Scintilla 
9."Giving In To The Change (Assemblage 23 Mix)"Impreative Reaction 
12."Stigmata"Sonik Foundry 
13."Fear is Fear"XuberX 
14."Into the Wind"Mindless Faith 
15."Some Sorta Rhythmic Machine"Cyber Strukture 
16."Count Backwards From 10"vircon 
17."The Great War"Jorden Decay 
Disc 3: Surgery
1."Breaking"Deathline Int'l 
2."Jim's Song"Encoder featuring Jimmy Semtex of Rein{Forced] 
3."Right Beside You (Save Me Now Mix)"Vicious Alliance 
4."Maybe Today"backandtotheleft 
5."Katharsis (Purification Mix)"Nachtmahr 
6."Under the Gun Immune Response"Null Device 
7."Until We Die (Winter Edit)"Suicide Commando 
8."Don't Worry (We'll Meet Up Again)"Agnes Wired For Sound 
9."Blood (2009 Edit)"System Syn 
10."The Juice of Rotten Fruit"Acumen Nation 
11."The Ones (genCAB Mix)"Aesthetic Perfection 
12."Not Me"Dismantled 
13."Children Of Decay (Northborne Mix)"FGFC820 
14."I've Sold Your Organs on the Black Market to Finance the Purchase of a Used Minivan (I Don't Want Those Organs If There's Cancer in Them Mix)"Everything Goes Cold 
15."The Scalpel song (Neoplasm edit)"Leaether Strip 
16."Sleeping Beauty"Mordacious 
17."Detritus of Reason"Flesh Field 
Disc 4: Recovery
1."X-White Noise (Gift Mix)"Noisuf-X 
2."I Am Forever"Hardwire 
3."Transmission"The Atomica Project 
4."Gravity (Endanger Mix)"Massiv In Mensch featuring Mind.In.A.Box - Supermassive 
5."Free (Interface Mix)"SD6 
6."Here and Now (Banging Mix by XP8)"Obscenity Trial 
7."Dawn"Alter Der Ruine VS Premeditated Light 
9."Imposter (ThouShaltNot Remix)"Iris 
11."You Tried To Kill Me but I Killed You First"Andraculoid 
12."Access Denied (Rotersand Mix)"Deviant UK 
13."The Sweetest Soul (Rex Mix)"Hypefactor 
14."Duct Tape My Heart (Chinese Theatre Remix)"Freezepop 
15."In the Aftermath (Moroder Mix)"Spahn Ranch 
16."Jim Made Cancer His Bitch"Caustic 

A fifth "Disc" was included as a digital download.

5: Bonus Medication
1."Incomplete Me (Remix)"Wreckcreation 
4."Twist of Fate"Beloved Dead 
5."Please Let Me Go"Derek C.F.Pegritz 
6."Riser"Molecule Party 
7."Peaceful Shores"Patricia Wake 
8."Left 4 Dead"Neurobash 
9."The Best Way to Tear Anything Down is to Blast!"Jon Zaremba 
10."Virus Free"Less Like Flesh 
12."Dissolving the Sanity"Surviving The Odyssey 
13."EXTRA LIVES!"Retar-D2 
14."Dread"The Hose Face 
15."Evident Product of Effort"Sachem Drenda 
16."With Heavy Hands"TowerOpensFire 

Volume 2: Recurrence[edit]

Electronic Saviors Volume 2: Recurrence
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedMay 8, 2012
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer
Electronic Saviors Volume 2: Recurrence
Electronic Savior Volume 3: Remission

Electronic Saviors Volume 2: Recurrence[16] is the second Electronic Saviors cancer charity compilation compiled by Jim Semonik of Rein[Forced], a cancer survivor.[17][18][19][20][21][22]


Professional ratings
Review scores
COMA Music MagazineFavorable[25]
Disc 1: Shock
1."A World Of No Relief"Tenek4:45
2."Inside"Deathline International5:19
3."Tumor Curbjob"Cancerface3:49
5."Who Wants To Join Our Superhero Team, Right Now It's Just Me And Jim"The Gothsicles3:20
6."Deworld (New Day Mix)"Inertia4:13
7."Pack Your Bags Honey, We're Going To Hell"Santa Hates You4:16
8."Corruption"The Azoic4:50
12."Through Closing Eyes"Null Device4:09
13."Relapse"Sonik Foundry4:10
14."Stolen Car (B&E Mix)"Left Spine Down4:05
15."Under Fire"Detroit Diesel4:16
16."Bitter Truth"In Strict Confidence4:28
17."Lucid Dreams"Edge Of Dawn4:47
18."The Harbour Song"Constance Rudert2:28
Disc 2: Denial
1."No Regrets"Wreckcreation Featuring Dan Clark Of The Dark Clan3:46
2."Lament (Electronic Saviors remix)"Project Pitchfork6:05
3."Immortal (Icon of coil Mix By Sebastian Komor)"Solitary Experiments4:54
5."Phantasm"Uberbyte featuring Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced]4:18
6."Tragedy"Mindless Faith4:49
7."The Will (Survival Mix)"Soil & Eclipse5:12
8."The Perils of Indifference (Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket Remix)"Suicide Commando4:58
9."Mirage (Saviors Mix)"Lowe5:47
10."I Don't Exist"CYLiX4:10
11."Swimmers Can Drown (Diabolic Art Mix)"I:Scintilla5:51
12."This is the Life (Cryogen Second Mix)"Inure4:05
13."Hollow Spirits"TraKKtor3:52
14."Monster (V2)"23RAINYDAYS4:40
15."Voran (Der Teufel im Spiegel Mix by Boole)"Accessory3:22
16."Intention"Twilight Laboratory4:00
17."Marching Into Valhalla"Terrorfakt3:43
Disc 3: Anger
1."God Damn (Imperative Reaction Remix)"System Syn3:55
2."A.I Dominion"Ad Inferna4:41
4."Infidel"Ego Likeness3:59
5."Worlds Collide (Saviors Mix)"Binary Park6:13
6."The Just Will Be Silenced"Die Sektor4:40
7."Suicide Execute"Stiff Valentine3:18
8."Punish Your Head (Mental Discipline Remix)"head-less5:14
9."This Life (Lexincrypt remix)"Ludovico Technique4:50
10."Sweet Hard Revenge (Fallon Nieves Rendition)"Psy'Aviah5:16
11."The Devil’s Is In The Details (Sthilmann Remix)"Aesthetic Perfection5:04
12."Fight the System (Rabia Sorda Mix)"Terminal Choice5:04
13."Suffer this world (Centhron Remix)"Diverje5:33
14."My Enemy"am.psych4:21
15."The Other Side"The Rain Within3:20
16."The Innocent ($150 Remix by Idiot Stare)"UCNX3:42
17."Snakes, You Get Out Of Here! This Is Not Your Room, This Is My Room. Now, You Just Get Out Of Here!"Jon Zaremba4:24
Disc 4: Bargaining
1."Always This Heart"The Mighty Chouffe3:20
2."Satellite"Angels On Acid4:43
3."Thirsty (V2.0)"Terrolokaust4:30
4."Decent Cancer"Ashbury Heights6:48
5."The Great Commandment"God Module4:48
6."Lost"Bella Morte4:01
8."Ghosts (Swank version)"Alter Der Ruine4:28
10."Hurricane (Splitter Mix)"Ghost & Writer5:03
11."Chasing The Dragon (Lost Tribe Version)"iVardensphere5:01
12."Satiric Strokes"Spetsnaz4:20
13."Came And See"Decree4:39
14."These Days (Single Mix)"SD64:36
15."Hand Of God (Iszoloscope Remix)"Distorted Memory3:59
16."Thirty Eight (Featuring Sarah Chenoweth of Synapse)"Cryogen Second4:29
17."Puddlehopping (Alternate Mix by Todd Aeschliman)"Trigger10d5:05
18."Another Sacrifice (Rejected)"Life Cried2:31
Disc 5: Depression
1."You'll Never Understand (Harder)"Mesh5:18
2."Sick As Love"Dark Clan3:38
3."1984 (Was A Very Bad Year)"Caustic4:35
4."Burn (Father Dub Mix)"16 Volt4:03
5."You"Empusa Featuring Miss FD5:01
6."King of the Impossible (Signal Drums Mix By The Dark Clan)"Everything Goes Cold4:34
7."Second Class Citizen (JFS Mix) by Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall)"Unit:1875:44
8."Where Will You Be?"Blutengel3:52
10."Your Love, My Medicine"Patricia Wake Feat Dan Clark, Lane Ellen, John Verbos, and Jolexx4:32
11."Dying Life"EsperMachine5:26
12."Paralyzed For Sleep"boxed warning4:33
13."Imperfexion Humana (Radio PerVersion)"Reaxion Guerrilla3:45
14."From Within (xrayhead Mix)"Cesium 1375:02
15."Share The Cancer"Retrogramme5:41
16."If This Body Should Fail Me"N.T.T5:28
17."Beyond Death"Necrotek2:53
Disc 6: Acceptance
1."Lightbringer (Speedrun II)"Covenant Feat Necro Facility4:26
2."Re:Mission"Sensuous Enemy4:32
3."Never Felt Better (Recovery mix)"Neuroactive5:09
4."Can't You Feel The Beat (Nitronoise remix)"Nachtmahr3:59
5."Blue Alice (Jims Of The Flesh Mix)"Ayria Feat Jimmerz Semtex of Rein[Forced] & Jimmerz Cookas of I:Scintilla4:05
6."Speed Of Light (T3chn0ph0b1a remix)"Syrian4:00
7."Resilience"Decoded Feedback4:54
8."Üebers Wasser Gehen (:SITD: Remix)"Obscenity Trial5:02
9."Terrible Strength"XuberX3:45
10."In Between (Irradiated Mix)"Monody3:16
11."Embraced By The Light"Hocico3:51
12."New Year (A Heartbeat From The End)"ThouShaltNot3:57
13."The Heart Of America (Dräcos Mix)"FGFC8205:35
14."Inner Light (Featuring Liebchen)"Interface5:32
15."Music For Medicinal Purposes"Terror Firma Sky4:16
16."Silicone Sheets"Agnes Wired For Sound4:43
17."I Am The Man"Society Burning4:13
Bonus Disc 7: Testing
1."The Empty Stretcher"Nurturing Decay5:28
2."I Die ((Revisionist mix by Cyanotic)"for all the emptiness4:15
3."Sanctuary (Refuge Mix)"Antidote For Annie4:34
4."Silhouette"Joshua Hart4:16
5."Ambivalent Frost"Cyber Strukture4:32
6."We Rise"Black Ring4:03
7."Apocalyptic Visions"Einsengeist4:04
8."Sharp As Stars (Terrolokaust Remix)"Surgyn4:38
9."Madness Not Medicine"COR3 MATTER4:26
11."Saviour"Ghost In The Static3:49
12."Weaponized"Surviving The Odyssey featuring Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced]3:44
13."Control"Platform One4:29
14."Mr Son"Jolexx3:43
15."Mechanical Override"Tranzitional Override4:34
16."Phoenix Effect (Flash Point Mix by New Army)"Witness the Apotheosis4:44
17."Somebody To Save"Short To Ground4:19
18."Not On My Watch"The Hose Face4:00
Bonus Disc 8: Reconstruction
1."Salvo"The Molecule Party4:00
2."Frank's Theme"Mickle Boulevard3:29
3."The Essence of Pain"Synthetic Division3:42
4."Where Did You Go (ES Mix)"Bioassay4:04
5."Fading Nothing"Process Type3:28
7."Gone"Venus In Furs3:36
8."From Hell"Project Rotten3:54
9."Inamorata (feat. Jimmy Semtex)"Veniculture4:16
10."Heartlikeapheonixinafirestorm"Hopeful Machines2:59
11."Souless Killing Machine"Systematik Violence4:57
12."Hammer Democracy"Preacher5:13
14."Who Drugged Me?"Mike Saga Vs BlackOPz4:20
15."Boom Ra Tech"Servitor Sanctum 74:09
16."Black Lung"Microwaved4:36
17."Waiting Game"DJ Lollidrop3:57
18."One Step Forward"Illusion Of Joy4:31
19."Oath Breaker"Jordan Decay4:10

Volume 3: Remission[edit]

Electronic Saviors Volume 3: Remission
Compilation album by
Various Artists
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors Volume 2: Recurrence
(May 24, 2012)
Electronic Saviors Volume 3: Remission
Electronic Saviors IV: Retaliation
Professional ratings
Review scores
New NoiseFavorable[27]
Disc 1: Victory
1."Ever Careful"16 Volt3:05
3."In Den Staub"Deathline Int'l4:10
4."A Final Elegant Turn"The Dark Clan3:35
5."Saints Without a Halo"HellSector5:05
6."Last Mistake (Dominatrix Mix)"Assemblage 236:19
7."From My Cold Dead Hands (Sirus Remix)"Combichrist4:55
8."Enemy"Modern Weapons3:53
9."Ashes"Null Device3:52
10."Eternity (Vox Edit)"Velvet Acid Christ4:44
11."Death by Stereo"Caustic4:21
12."Dead Inside (Remix by Helltrash)"The Ludovico Technique4:40
13."Siren Song (Quiet Mix by Panic Lift)"genCAB3:20
14."Postscript"Lost Signal6:12
15."Great Eraser (Caustic's Hummer of the Gods Mix)"Prude5:23
16."It Never Ends"The Anesthesiologists5:20
17."Narcissist (Zero Corporation Remix)"Attrition5:05
Disc 2: Exhilaration
1."Mother Of Crows"Ivardensphere5:58
3."The Funk"GoFight3:54
5."Biggest Fan"Hate Dept4:37
6."Let It All Go"The Azoic3:30
7."Side Effect"Left Spine Down4:29
8."Death Pusher"Decoded Feedback4:49
9."Night Run (Ducati Slow Jab by Informatik)"XP84:20
10."Coke Ah Cola"Stiff Valentine3:08
11."Sirens and Satellites (Cultural Tourist Mix)"Ego Likeness5:25
12."Awake (Dream Kill Mix by Eye Kandy)"Panic Lift3:46
13."Best Revenge"Shutterdown4:25
14."Mind Decay (FGFC820 Remix)"Kevorkian Death Cycle5:33
15."Father Time"Spider Lillies4:08
16."Wrath of the Gods"Angels On Acid4:17
17."Terminal Condition (1999 Tour Version)"Din_Fiv4:28
Disc 3: Elation
1."Fuse"Christ Analogue3:57
2."In a Perfect World (feat. Logic Division)"Cynical Existence4:04
3."Forever Never Ends (2013 Version)"Battery Cage4:37
4."Cocaine (GoFight Remix)"Dead on TV3:38
5."Guns + Drugs"am.psych3:27
7."Consequence (C7 Crucible Mix)"Cesium 1375:10
8."Taggart Terminal"Boxed Warning5:47
9."Hang Around (Saviour Mix)"Inertia4:59
10."A Strange Day (More Machine Than Man Remix)"The Clay People5:00
11."This Is Alive"The Rain Within4:50
12."A Nice Place To Visit (Syndroid Remix)"Aesthetic Perfection5:29
13."Under The Knife"Sonik Foundry5:06
14."Killing The Prophet (Mangadrive Remix)"Cryogen Second5:19
15."Timephase (Inertia Remix)"Noir5:06
16."Ready To Rock"Toxic Coma6:18
Disc 4: Joy
1."Sins of the Flesh"I:Scintilla feat. [Rein]Forced5:06
2."Alternating Dilemmas (Edit)"Cyanotic4:54
3."Terminal Monster"HexRx vs BlackOpz3:40
4."Minerals (Eroded Remix)"Mindless Faith3:24
5."The One Beside Me"Bella Morte4:38
7."Your Memories"Plasmodivm5:31
9."Stranger Than Fiction (Razed In Black Remix)"More Machine Than Man4:53
10."Night And Day (ES3 Mix)"Berlin Babylon4:38
11."Weak Machine (1.2 Remix)"Blank4:50
12."Take You Out"Sensuous Enemy4:07
13."Chemical Halo (Burnt Demo Version)"Chemlab4:36
14."This Isn't Happening (Remixed by Worms Of The Earth)"Life Cried6:48
15."Feel The Light"Xiescive3:48
17."Nevermore 2.0"Battery3:30
Bonus Disc 5: Bliss
1."Penetrate Your Soul (Facialized in Dirt Mix)"The Dead Room4:57
2."My Body, My Battlefield"Tragic Impulse4:29
3."Six In The Middle"Vein Collector4:57
4."This Final Memory"Standard Issue Citizen3:54
5."Thewhitelandsofempathica (Edit)"Hopeful Machines4:44
6."No Takebacks"Antidote For Annie4:44
7."Until Hate Do Us Part"Skeptik V.54:17
8."Exteriority"Transitional Override3:00
9."Sky Punch"Day Twelve4:23
10."House Of Sorrow"The Burning Path4:14
11."Under the Flag"Mechanical Cabaret4:27
12."If Only (Chris Vrenna Remix)"Dethcentrik5:24
13."Die Heilung"Short & Crunch4:59
14."Bearing The Palm"Man Woman Machine4:33
15."Immortal"Agnes Wired For Sound5:00
17."End Of Wound"Hexweapon5:04
Bonus Disc 6: Cured
2."Set In Motion"Mechanical Vein4:34
3."Watch You Fall"Dharmata 1014:28
4."December Hovering Out (ES3 Mix)"Becoming The Devourer5:20
5."The Human Void"Stoneburner4:16
6."Wilderness Without You"The Empty Stretcher6:52
7."Loving Wrath (Apollo's Revenge Mix by Die Sektor)"For All The Emptiness5:12
8."Delicate Sound"The Sedona Effect3:43
9."Child's Play (That's Like a Baby's Toy Mix by Cyanotic)"Short To Ground5:24
10."Anything"Dead Man'z Kassette6:07
11."Dust Settles (Feat. MiXE1)"Draconian Elimination Projects4:14
12."Plastic Nurse"Asylum Black4:42
13."Kill It Now"EMU-ART3:59
14."Throwing Stones"StarDotStar5:07
15."Front Line (Project Rotten Remix)"Frontal Boundary5:32
16."Ghosts"Venus In Furs3:55

Volume IV: Retaliation[edit]

Electronic Saviors Volume 4: Retaliation
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedJune 10, 2016
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors Volume 4: Retaliation
Electronic Saviors Volume 5: Remembrance

Volume 4 of Electronic Saviors marks the first time KMFDM has contributed to the series; included is a track that was never released on Nihil.[28]

Disc 1
1."Make Love"KMFDM4:48
2."Fury"The Dark Clan4:08
4."Finally What You Wanted - Savior's Extended Mix"Panic Lift5:09
5."Parasite"Deathline International3:59
6."Wasted Time"Rein-Forced, Interface5:08
8."Monochrome"Mindless Faith4:38
9."Silence is Speaking"binary Park4:28
10."Rewired - Intuition Remix"Iris, Intuition4:24
11."Dark Star"More Machine Than Man3:44
12."The Pain That You Like - Orange Sector Remix"Suicide Commando, Jean-Luc Demeyer, Orange Sector5:13
13."Hamberg - TraKKtor R3wwerKK"Massive in Mensch, TraKktor5:15
14."Plastic Soulmate"Rodney Anonymous3:03
15."Future is Mine"Eurasianeyes5:18
16."Adrent Ex Profvndis"Cenotype 
Disc 2
1."Tlulaxa Flesh Merchant"Stoneburner3:53
3."Nightlife - Fear In Motion Edit"Blutengel4:03
4."Escape Velocity"Ashbury Heights4:54
5."Darkness - Out Out Remix"Ego Likeness, Out Out4:29
6."Into Your Girl"Ghost & Writer3:55
7."Hollywood Sunrise"Blownload4:17
8."How This Felt"nolongerhuman4:21
9."Malediction - Save Your Prayers Mix"Shiv-R4:06
10."Above the Sun - Augmented Club Mix"Formalin4:08
12."Coping Mechanisms - All Payne No Gain Edit"Cyanotic4:09
14."Climb into the Unknown"Am Tierpark4:40
15."Stormfront - All Hallows Mix"Intertia4:35
16."Perfect Patient"K.P. Riot Brigade4:32
17."Impossible - Remix"Nueroactive3:54
18."No Salvation - Remix"Solitary Experiments6:21
Disc 3
1."E.L.Y."Go Fight4:12
2."My Promise"Interface4:55
3."12345 - Stoneburner Remix"En Esch, Stoneburner5:31
5."Never Let the Light Fall"Null Device4:17
6."The Burning Bridge - Exclusive Extended Mix"Noir5:44
8."Marionette"Spider Lilies4:13
9."What Kind of Friend? - Republica Balkan bookie mix"Tenek, Republica5:03
10."Dressed Inside Your Fear - Sekul Mix"Dope Stars Inc., Sekul5:09
11."Going Down - Interlace Mix"Seven Trees, Interlace4:18
12."So Pretty"Exageist4:56
13."Face Them All - Dance Mix"Iioioioii4:49
14."Sacred Scars - Deep Cut Version"Caustic3:22
15."Falling Far - Below Zero"Primitive Race4:06
16."Violent Skin"Cevello Elettronico4:01
17."Rivers - Persistence Mix"Black Volition4:50

Volume V: Remembrance[edit]

Electronic Saviors Volume 5: Remembrance
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedJune 8, 2018
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors Volume IV: Retaliation
Electronic Saviors Volume 5: Remembrance
Disc 1: Condolences
1."Survive (Featuring The Rain Within)"Fires4:56
2."Recorded For MG Lewis (ES Mix)"Ashbury Heights4:32
3."We Don't Deserve Happiness"Everything Goes Cold4:06
4."Broken Instincts"Trade Secrets4:46
5."No Going Back (Forma Tadre Remix) (Forma Tadre Remix)"Lionhearts4:18
6."California (Wiccid Remix)"Esther Black5:20
7."You've Only Got One Life"Androidgyny4:26
8."Rhythm + Control (Third Realm Remix)"Aesthetic Perfection4:08
9."APOC"Tragic Impulse4:30
12."Pleasure To Burn (FIRES Mix)"Noir (19)4:30
13."Those Aware"Abbey Death5:34
14."Virus (Resurrected)"TraKKtor5:26
15."Reality"The Thought Criminals4:01
16."Dashing Dame"Deathproof3:34
17."Icarus (The Blood Of Others Remix)"iVardensphere*4:40


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