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Electronic Saviors is a cancer charity[1] industrial music compilation series of exclusive tracks and mixes compiled by Jim Semonik of Rein[Forced], mastered by Chase Dudley and Wade Allin, and released through Distortion Productions and Metropolis Records. It is heavily promoted through various shows,[2][3][4] through radio airplay,[5] podcasts,[6][7] and via trailers.[8] In 2017 the first spin-off album was released[9] and in 2018 the first music video of an Electronic Saviors track debuted on Regen Magazine's website.[10]

Initial Release[edit]

Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer
ES1 albumart.jpg
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedJanuary 21, 2010
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer
Electronic Saviors Volume 2: Recurrence
Professional ratings
Review scores
Brutal Resonance7/10 stars [11]

Volume 2: Recurrence[edit]

Electronic Savior Volume 2: Recurrence
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedMay 8, 2012
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer
Electronic Savior Volume 2: Recurrence
Electronic Savior Volume 3: Remission

Electronic Saviors Volume 2: Recurrence[12] is the second Electronic Saviors cancer charity compilation compiled by Jim Semonik of Rein[Forced], a cancer survivor.[13][14][15][16][17][18]


Professional ratings
Review scores
COMA Music MagazineFavorable[21]
Disc 1: Shock
1."A World Of No Relief"Tenek4:45
2."Inside"Deathline International5:19
3."Tumor Curbjob"Cancerface3:49
5."Who Wants To Join Our Superhero Team, Right Now It's Just Me And Jim"The Gothsicles3:20
6."Deworld (New Day Mix)"Inertia4:13
7."Pack Your Bags Honey, We're Going To Hell"Santa Hates You4:16
8."Corruption"The Azoic4:50
12."Through Closing Eyes"Null Device4:09
13."Relapse"Sonik Foundry4:10
14."Stolen Car (B&E Mix)"Left Spine Down4:05
15."Under Fire"Detroit Diesel4:16
16."Bitter Truth"In Strict Confidence4:28
17."Lucid Dreams"Edge Of Dawn4:47
18."The Harbour Song"Constance Rudert2:28
Disc 2: Denial
1."No Regrets"Wreckcreation Featuring Dan Clark Of The Dark Clan3:46
2."Lament (Electronic Saviors remix)"Project Pitchfork6:05
3."Immortal (Icon of coil Mix By Sebastian Komor)"Solitary Experiments4:54
5."Phantasm"Uberbyte featuring Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced]4:18
6."Tragedy"Mindless Faith4:49
7."The Will (Survival Mix)"Soil & Eclipse5:12
8."The Perils of Indifference (Stahlnebel vs. Black Selket Remix)"Suicide Commando4:58
9."Mirage (Saviors Mix)"Lowe5:47
10."I Don't Exist"CYLiX4:10
11."Swimmers Can Drown (Diabolic Art Mix)"I:Scintilla5:51
12."This is the Life (Cryogen Second Mix)"Inure4:05
13."Hollow Spirits"TraKKtor3:52
14."Monster (V2)"23RAINYDAYS4:40
15."Voran (Der Teufel im Spiegel Mix by Boole)"Accessory3:22
16."Intention"Twilight Laboratory4:00
17."Marching Into Valhalla"Terrorfakt3:43
Disc 3: Anger
1."God Damn (Imperative Reaction Remix)"System Syn3:55
2."A.I Dominion"Ad Inferna4:41
4."Infidel"Ego Likeness3:59
5."Worlds Collide (Saviors Mix)"Binary Park6:13
6."The Just Will Be Silenced"Die Sektor4:40
7."Suicide Execute"Stiff Valentine3:18
8."Punish Your Head (Mental Discipline Remix)"head-less5:14
9."This Life (Lexincrypt remix)"Ludovico Technique4:50
10."Sweet Hard Revenge (Fallon Nieves Rendition)"Psy'Aviah5:16
11."The Devil’s Is In The Details (Sthilmann Remix)"Aesthetic Perfection5:04
12."Fight the System (Rabia Sorda Mix)"Terminal Choice5:04
13."Suffer this world (Centhron Remix)"Diverje5:33
14."My Enemy"am.psych4:21
15."The Other Side"The Rain Within3:20
16."The Innocent ($150 Remix by Idiot Stare)"UCNX3:42
17."Snakes, You Get Out Of Here! This Is Not Your Room, This Is My Room. Now, You Just Get Out Of Here!"Jon Zaremba4:24
Disc 4: Bargaining
1."Always This Heart"The Mighty Chouffe3:20
2."Satellite"Angels On Acid4:43
3."Thirsty (V2.0)"Terrolokaust4:30
4."Decent Cancer"Ashbury Heights6:48
5."The Great Commandment"God Module4:48
6."Lost"Bella Morte4:01
8."Ghosts (Swank version)"Alter Der Ruine4:28
10."Hurricane (Splitter Mix)"Ghost & Writer5:03
11."Chasing The Dragon (Lost Tribe Version)"iVardensphere5:01
12."Satiric Strokes"Spetsnaz4:20
13."Came And See"Decree4:39
14."These Days (Single Mix)"SD64:36
15."Hand Of God (Iszoloscope Remix)"Distorted Memory3:59
16."Thirty Eight (Featuring Sarah Chenoweth of Synapse)"Cryogen Second4:29
17."Puddlehopping (Alternate Mix by Todd Aeschliman)"Trigger10d5:05
18."Another Sacrifice (Rejected)"Life Cried2:31
Disc 5: Depression
1."You'll Never Understand (Harder)"Mesh5:18
2."Sick As Love"Dark Clan3:38
3."1984 (Was A Very Bad Year)"Caustic4:35
4."Burn (Father Dub Mix)"16 Volt4:03
5."You"Empusa Featuring Miss FD5:01
6."King of the Impossible (Signal Drums Mix By The Dark Clan)"Everything Goes Cold4:34
7."Second Class Citizen (JFS Mix) by Ken “Hiwatt” Marshall)"Unit:1875:44
8."Where Will You Be?"Blutengel3:52
10."Your Love, My Medicine"Patricia Wake Feat Dan Clark, Lane Ellen, John Verbos, and Jolexx4:32
11."Dying Life"EsperMachine5:26
12."Paralyzed For Sleep"boxed warning4:33
13."Imperfexion Humana (Radio PerVersion)"Reaxion Guerrilla3:45
14."From Within (xrayhead Mix)"Cesium 1375:02
15."Share The Cancer"Retrogramme5:41
16."If This Body Should Fail Me"N.T.T5:28
17."Beyond Death"Necrotek2:53
Disc 6: Acceptance
1."Lightbringer (Speedrun II)"Covenant Feat Necro Facility4:26
2."Re:Mission"Sensuous Enemy4:32
3."Never Felt Better (Recovery mix)"Neuroactive5:09
4."Can't You Feel The Beat (Nitronoise remix)"Nachtmahr3:59
5."Blue Alice (Jims Of The Flesh Mix)"Ayria Feat Jimmerz Semtex of Rein[Forced] & Jimmerz Cookas of I:Scintilla4:05
6."Speed Of Light (T3chn0ph0b1a remix)"Syrian4:00
7."Resilience"Decoded Feedback4:54
8."Üebers Wasser Gehen (SITD: Remix)"Obscenity Trial5:02
9."Terrible Strength"XuberX3:45
10."InBetween (Irradiated Mix)"Monody3:16
11."Embraced By The Light"Hocico3:51
12."New Year (A Heartbeat From The End)"ThouShaltNot3:57
13."The Heart Of America (Dräcos Mix)"FGFC8205:35
14."Inner Light (Featuring Liebchen)"Interface5:32
15."Music For Medicinal Purposes"Terror Firma Sky4:16
16."Silicone Sheets"Agnes Wired For Sound4:43
17."I Am The Man"Society Burning4:13
Bonus Disc 7: Testing
1."The Empty Stretcher"Nurturing Decay5:28
2."I Die ((Revisionist mix by Cyanotic)"for all the emptiness4:15
3."Sanctuary (Refuge Mix)"Antidote For Annie4:34
4."Silhouette"Joshua Hart4:16
5."Ambivalent Frost"Cyber Strukture4:32
6."We Rise"Black Ring4:03
7."Apocalyptic Visions"Einsengeist4:04
8."Sharp As Stars (Terrolokaust Remix)"Surgyn4:38
9."Madness Not Medicine"COR3 MATTER4:26
11."Saviour"Ghost In The Static3:49
12."Weaponized"Surviving The Odyssey featuring Jimmy Semtex of Rein[Forced]3:44
13."Control"Platform One4:29
14."Mr Son"Jolexx3:43
15."Mechanical Override"Tranzitional Override4:34
16."Phoenix Effect (Flash Point Mix by New Army)"Witness the Apotheosis4:44
17."Somebody To Save"Short To Ground4:19
18."Not On My Watch"The Hose Face4:00
Bonus Disc 8: Reconstruction
1."Salvo"The Molecule Party4:00
2."Frank's Theme"Mickle Boulevard3:29
3."The Essence of Pain"Synthetic Division3:42
4."Where Did You Go (ES Mix)"Bioassay4:04
5."Fading Nothing"Process Type3:28
7."Gone"Venus In Furs3:36
8."From Hell"Project Rotten3:54
9."Inamorata (feat. Jimmy Semtex)"Veniculture4:16
10."Heartlikeapheonixinafirestorm"Hopeful Machines2:59
11."Souless Killing Machine"Systematik Violence4:57
12."Hammer Democracy"Preacher5:13
14."Who Drugged Me?"Mike Saga Vs BlackOPz4:20
15."Boom Ra Tech"Servitor Sanctum 74:09
16."Black Lung"Microwaved4:36
17."Waiting Game"DJ Lollidrop3:57
18."One Step Forward"Illusion Of Joy4:31
19."Oath Breaker"Jordan Decay4:10

Volume 3: Remission[edit]

Electronic Savior Volume 3: Remission
Compilation album by
Various Artists
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors Volume 2: Recurrence
(May 24, 2012)
Electronic Savior Volume 3: Remission
Electronic Saviors IV: Retaliation
Professional ratings
Review scores
New NoiseFavorable[23]
Disc 1: Victory
1."Ever Careful"16 Volt3:05
3."In Den Staub"Deathline Int'l4:10
4."A Final Elegant Turn"The Dark Clan3:35
5."Saints Without a Halo"HellSector5:05
6."Last Mistake (Dominatrix Mix)"Assemblage 236:19
7."From My Cold Dead Hands (Sirus Remix)"Combichrist4:55
8."Enemy"Modern Weapons3:53
9."Ashes"Null Device3:52
10."Eternity (Vox Edit)"Velvet Acid Christ4:44
11."Death by Stereo"Caustic4:21
12."Dead Inside (Remix by Helltrash)"The Ludovico Technique4:40
13."Siren Song (Quiet Mix by Panic Lift)"genCAB3:20
14."Postscript"Lost Signal6:12
15."Great Eraser (Caustic's Hummer of the Gods Mix)"Prude5:23
16."It Never Ends"The Anesthesiologists5:20
17."Narcissist (Zero Corporation Remix)"Attrition5:05
Disc 2: Exhilaration
1."Mother Of Crows"Ivardensphere5:58
3."The Funk"GoFight3:54
5."Biggest Fan"Hate Dept4:37
6."Let It All Go"The Azoic3:30
7."Side Effect"Left Spine Down4:29
8."Death Pusher"Decoded Feedback4:49
9."Night Run (Ducati Slow Jab by Informatik)"XP84:20
10."Coke Ah Cola"Stiff Valentine3:08
11."Sirens and Satellites (Cultural Tourist Mix)"Ego Likeness5:25
12."Awake (Dream Kill Mix by Eye Kandy)"Panic Lift3:46
13."Best Revenge"Shutterdown4:25
14."Mind Decay (FGFC820 Remix)"Kevorkian Death Cycle5:33
15."Father Time"Spider Lillies4:08
16."Wrath of the Gods"Angels On Acid4:17
17."Terminal Condition (1999 Tour Version)"Din_Fiv4:28
Disc 3: Elation
1."Fuse"Christ Analogue3:57
2."In a Perfect World (feat. Logic Division)"Cynical Existence4:04
3."Forever Never Ends (2013 Version)"Battery Cage4:37
4."Cocaine (GoFight Remix)"Dead On TV3:38
5."Guns + Drugs"am.psych3:27
7."Consequence (C7 Crucible Mix)"Cesium 1375:10
8."Taggart Terminal"Boxed Warning5:47
9."Hang Around (Saviour Mix)"Inertia4:59
10."A Strange Day (More Machine Than Man Remix)"The Clay People5:00
11."This Is Alive"The Rain Within4:50
12."A Nice Place To Visit (Syndroid Remix)"Aesthetic Perfection5:29
13."Under The Knife"Sonik Foundry5:06
14."Killing The Prophet (Mangadrive Remix)"Cryogen Second5:19
15."Timephase (Inertia Remix)"Noir5:06
16."Ready To Rock"Toxic Coma6:18
Disc 4: Joy
1."Sins of the Flesh"I:Scintilla feat. [Rein]Forced5:06
2."Alternating Dilemmas (Edit)"Cyanotic4:54
3."Terminal Monster"HexRx vs BlackOpz3:40
4."Minerals (Eroded Remix)"Mindless Faith3:24
5."The One Beside Me"Bella Morte4:38
7."Your Memories"Plasmodivm5:31
9."Stranger Than Fiction (Razed In Black Remix)"More Machine Than Man4:53
10."Night And Day (ES3 Mix)"Berlin Babylon4:38
11."Weak Machine (1.2 Remix)"Blank4:50
12."Take You Out"Sensuous Enemy4:07
13."Chemical Halo (Burnt Demo Version)"Chemlab4:36
14."This Isn't Happening (Remixed by Worms Of The Earth)"Life Cried6:48
15."Feel The Light"Xiescive3:48
17."Nevermore 2.0"Battery3:30
Bonus Disc 5: Bliss
1."Penetrate Your Soul (Facialized in Dirt Mix)"The Dead Room4:57
2."My Body, My Battlefield"Tragic Impulse4:29
3."Six In The Middle"Vein Collector4:57
4."This Final Memory"Standard Issue Citizen3:54
5."Thewhitelandsofempathica (Edit)"Hopeful Machines4:44
6."No Takebacks"Antidote For Annie4:44
7."Until Hate Do Us Part"Skeptik V.54:17
8."Exteriority"Transitional Override3:00
9."Sky Punch"Day Twelve4:23
10."House Of Sorrow"The Burning Path4:14
11."Under the Flag"Mechanical Cabaret4:27
12."If Only (Chris Vrenna Remix)"Dethcentrik5:24
13."Die Heilung"Short & Crunch4:59
14."Bearing The Palm"Man Woman Machine4:33
15."Immortal"Agnes Wired For Sound5:00
17."End Of Wound"Hexweapon5:04
Bonus Disc 6: Cured
2."Set In Motion"Mechanical Vein4:34
3."Watch You Fall"Dharmata 1014:28
4."December Hovering Out (ES3 Mix)"Becoming The Devourer5:20
5."The Human Void"Stoneburner4:16
6."Wilderness Without You"The Empty Stretcher6:52
7."Loving Wrath (Apollo's Revenge Mix by Die Sektor)"For All The Emptiness5:12
8."Delicate Sound"The Sedona Effect3:43
9."Child's Play (That's Like a Baby's Toy Mix by Cyanotic)"Short To Ground5:24
10."Anything"Dead Man'z Kassette6:07
11."Dust Settles (Feat. MiXE1)"Draconian Elimination Projects4:14
12."Plastic Nurse"Asylum Black4:42
13."Kill It Now"EMU-ART3:59
14."Throwing Stones"StarDotStar5:07
15."Front Line (Project Rotten Remix)"Frontal Boundary5:32
16."Ghosts"Venus In Furs3:55

Volume IV: Retaliation[edit]

Electronic Saviors Volume 4: Retaliation
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedJune 10, 2016
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors Volume 4: Retaliation
Electronic Saviors Volume 5: Remembrance

Volume 4 of Electronic Saviors marks the first time KMFDM has contributed to the series; included is a track that was never released on Nihil.[24]

Volume V: Remembrance[edit]

Electronic Saviors Volume 5: Remembrance
Compilation album by
Various Artists
ReleasedJune 8, 2018
GenreIndustrial, electro-industrial
LabelMetropolis Records
Electronic Saviors chronology
Electronic Saviors Volume IV: Retaliation
Electronic Saviors Volume 5: Remembrance
Disc 1: Condolences
1."Survive (Featuring The Rain Within)"Fires4:56
2."Recorded For MG Lewis (ES Mix)"Ashbury Heights4:32
3."We Don't Deserve Happiness"Everything Goes Cold4:06
4."Broken Instincts"Trade Secrets4:46
5."No Going Back (Forma Tadre Remix) (Forma Tadre Remix)"Lionhearts4:18
6."California (Wiccid Remix)"Esther Black5:20
7."You've Only Got One Life"Androidgyny4:26
8."Rhythm + Control (Third Realm Remix)"Aesthetic Perfection4:08
9."APOC"Tragic Impulse4:30
12."Pleasure To Burn (FIRES Mix)"Noir (19)4:30
13."Those Aware"Abbey Death5:34
14."Virus (Resurrected)"TraKKtor5:26
15."Reality"The Thought Criminals4:01
16."Dashing Dame"Deathproof3:34
17."Icarus (The Blood Of Others Remix)"iVardensphere*4:40


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