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Electronix Corporation distributes electronic parts and accessories for home and business use, as well as data storage devices (under the name RaidWeb) and electronic technician information services (under the name RepairWorld). In addition, Electronix operates a computer repair/IT service division under the name Electronix Computer Center. Founded in 1986, Electronix is a privately owned small business.


Electronix Corporation was founded in Fairborn, Ohio in 1986 as a video rental store. Shortly afterward, Electronix expanded to include electronic equipment repair and a catalog-based business selling electronic repair parts to companies and individuals, both domestically and internationally. Through its websites and catalogs, Electronix Corporation stocks over 15,000 electronic components and accessories 1, provides technical support to electronic repair technicians across the country2, and vends large-scale data storage devices to governmental, educational, and corporate clients3.


Electronix Corporation is composed of five main divisions: Electronix Online, RaidWeb, RepairWorld, Electronix Computer Center, and WeCopy.

Electronix Online[edit]

Electronix Online provides electronic parts and accessories to consumers. Major lines include Semiconductor, Transistor, and other varieties of chips used in electronic repair. Other lines include computer parts and accessories, Solder equipment, and other consumer electronics.


RaidWeb distributes data storage products, including RAID, Network-attached storage, iSCSI, and more4.


RepairWorld is a subscription website for electronics technicians that offers databases of electronics repairs and various user forums to discuss electronic repairs.5

Electronix Computer Center[edit]

The Electronix Computer Center performs computer repairs, builds and upgrades, as well as Information Technology and computer networking services in the Dayton, Ohio area.


WeCopy offers duplication services for CD & DVD nationwide.


Electronix Corporation markets its products worldwide through a combination of catalogs, internet sites, and mailings. All sales originate from its Fairborn, Ohio location at 1 Herald Square.


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