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Electroputere S.A.
Public: (BVB: EPT)
Industry Railroad
Power Generation
Founded 1949 (1949)
Headquarters Craiova, Romania
Products Locomotives
Electric motors
OEM parts
Services Locomotive maintenance
Locomotive management
Website electroputere.ro
5100 kW Class 45 Electric locomotive currently in operation by Romanian CFR

Electroputere S.A. (which translates as Electropower in English) is a company based in Craiova, Romania. Founded in 1949, it is one of the largest industrial companies in Romania. During the time, Electroputere has produced, for Romanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Polish railways and others, more than 2,400 diesel locomotives, 1,050 electric locomotives, urban vehicles and complex equipments.[1]


Electroputere are currently manufactures of:

They also have divisions specialising in:

Electric and diesel-electric locomotives[edit]

Export orders[edit]

British Rail Class 56 locomotives were built by Electroputere and British Rail Engineering Limited

A total of 1,106 locomotives were delivered between 1972—1991 to railway companies in the following countries:

  • Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • China China
  • Greece Greece
  • Iran Iran
  • Poland Poland
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia


One of its more notable foreign orders was for the Class 56 locomotives for British Rail. The 30 locomotives were outsourced to Electroputere because Brush Traction could not build them at its own plant; however, upon their arrival in the UK, the machines were deemed to be unsuitable for use, as they suffered from poor construction standards, and had to be withdrawn and extensively rebuilt. (However, they were seen as being perfectly reasonable for use in Romania by the Romanian crews who tested them)[3]

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