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Electrosexual Dj Set.jpg
Electrosexual Dj set in 2014
Background information
Also known as Romain Frequency
Born (1980-07-28) 28 July 1980 (age 36)
Origin Toulouse, France
Genres French house, electro house, alternative dance, synthpop, electronica
Occupation(s) Keyboardist, Singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, composer, arranger, producer, Music video director
Instruments Keyboards, Vocals, guitar, percussion
Years active 2004–present
Labels K Records, Rock Machine Records, Das Drehmoment
Website Official Web
Notable instruments
Korg MS-10/MS-20, Moog Rogue, Roland JX-3P...

Electrosexual is a French electronic musician, composer, performer, record producer and Music video director living in Berlin.

His passion for early electronic engines and primitive sounds from Analog synthesizer inspired his creativity mingling of rough basses with an uptempo rhythm. He is the electro-sex (sometimes called sex-tronica) precursor and pioneer in France. This musical genre also features artists such as Peaches, Aérea Negrot, Lesbians on Ecstasy, SSION, Punk Bunny, Shunda K, Scream Club and Robots in Disguise, all of whom Electrosexual has worked with.

Electrosexual created its stage name in reference to surrealistic non "(human) sexuality", considering machines and synthesizers as genitors. This concept has also been developed by artists including David Cronenberg, H.R. Giger, Psychic TV and Add N to (X).

In the summer of 2005, after a show in Berlin (Sage Club/Plastique party) where he performed for the first time as a solo act, his song Trapped Inside was selected to be released on the fifth anniversary compilation of the cult Berlin record label Das Drehmoment .

The same year, Electrosexual created his own record label Rock Machine Records (named after the 1987 novel by Norman Spinrad) as an independent platform for electronic music, parties organizing and performances.

Electrosexual offered production for the American queer hip hop duo Scream Club, mixing Electronic dance music with gender issues themed lyrics and club performances. Their first songs, one of which features vocals by Peaches, would be the very first vinyl to be released on Rock Machine in 2006.[1] They collaborated and played live together for the next years and released two more EPs : "Break You nice/ Screaming & Crying» Featuring Shunda K was released in 2010 as a limited edition white vinyl, including remixes by Hard Ton, Leonard De Leonard and Divider. The video for the single "Break You Nice» was the first direction of Electrosexual and was broadcast on national American music channels MTV [2] & VH1 for more several month.

The same year, Shunda K of Yo Majesty requested Electrosexual’s services for the co-production of her first solo single "Here I Am To Save The World" (2010, Fanatic Records)

In March and April 2010, Electrosexual and Scream Club were the support act for Robots in Disguise on their "Wake Up Tour" in the UK. They also performed together the "Wake Up" Electrosexual & Scream Club Remix as an encore.

Sue Denim of the Robots in Disguise recorded vocals for Electrosexual EP "Partytime" Feat. Scream Club, released as a Digi-EP, with remixes by French Hip Hop artist Flore, aMinus ...

In the end of 2010, Electrosexual released "I Feel Love" that quickly became an underground club hit. The song was referred to as "a disco neo classic" and "best song of the year 2012" by the blogosphere .

Electrosexual has remixed material by other artists, including Billie Ray Martin & Aérea Negrot, David Carretta's "Lovely Toy", Transformer Di Roboter’s "Baghdad Disco", I Monster’s "Sucker For Your Sound", Mirah’s "Cold Cold Water", Ssion’s "Ah-Ma", Peaches Feat Scream Club "Fine As Fuck".

More recently, Electrosexual composed the official themes of the 2011 & 2012 editions of Lyon's LGBTQ Movie Festival "Ecrans Mixtes" where he also performed last year.

Electrosexual performed at many various events like the festival Waves in Vienna, Austria, the Paradiso, at Paris's Le Pigallion and La Machine du Moulin Rouge or in Berlin's Prince Charles and Berghain Kantine, SO36 and presented a sound and video installation at Berghain in 2015.

After a serie of single and EP's with various guest vocalists, Electrosexual releases in 2014 his debut full LP 'Art Support Machine' which is a mixture of retrofuturistic analogue electronics and kaleidoscopic synths. The album is influenced by 1980s synth pop, Techno and 1990s trance, and, in keeping with the vocal direction of recent records, only 4 tracks are instrumental on the whole LP.

Art Support Machine explores the Machine as the supreme vision of the human condition, and is focusing on the concept of the identity of the Machines, their gender,sexuality & Soul.

Production and equipment[edit]

Electrosexual performing Live at Amsternam's Paradiso with a Yamaha CS5 and Moog Rogue in 2010.

Electrosexual is currently known for the strong use of analog synthesizers in his music. As he stated in an interview with Add N to (X) front woman Ann Shenton for ZOOT MAGAZINE,[3] he uses the Korg MS-10/MS-20, Moog Rogue, Yamaha CS 5 and Roland JX-3P. Additional gear includes the Ensoniq DP4+ and multi-effects pedals.


Electrosexual has mentioned his admiration for Add N to (X), David Cronenberg, Serge Gainsbourg, Air, Jean Michel Jarre, François de Roubaix, H.R. Giger, Psychic TV, Marc Almond, David Ball, Keith Haring, Madonna, Laurent Garnier, KLF, Prince, Adult., Dopplereffekt, Drexciya, Fischerspooner, Étienne Daho, Jam & Spoon, Inner City, Laurent Garnier Mute Records, Scott Walker, Cabaret Voltaire, DAF, Visage, Ultravox, Fad Gadget, Front 242, Depeche Mode,and David Bowie.



Year Title Tracks: Format Label
2016 Art Support Remix The Dream Of The Machine (Autist Remix), Art Support Machine (People Theatre Engrenage Mix), Tempelhof (David Carretta Remix), Fetish [A.S.F.R.] Mondowski Remix, I'm Your Machine Feat Hard Ton (Antoni Maiovvi's Dungeon Of Dub Mix), Lay My Eye - Machines in the UK reMix, Silver Soul - Theatre Of Delays Remix, Art Support Machine (Lupe Remix), Automatic People Feat Hanin Elias (Machines in the UK Remix), The Dream Of The Machine (aMinus Remix), Crystal Flesh (Carne Remix), The soul of the machine_ (Workerpoor rmx), Automatic People Feat Hanin Elias (Millimetric Remix), The way they make you feel (Cole Black's P.O.P Redub), Out Of Place (Cute Heels Dub Warehouse Remix)) Digital Rock Machine Records
2014 Art Support Machine The Soul of the machine, Tempelhof, Art support machine Silver soul, Fetish (ASFR), I'm your machine. (Feat.Hard Ton), The way they make you feel, Automatic people(Feat.Hanin Elias), Androgynoid, Crystal flesh, Lay my eye, Out of place, The dream of the machine. LP Picture Disc & Digital Rock Machine Records

EPs and singles[edit]

Year Title B-sides Format Label
2016 I'm Your Machine Featuring Hard Ton "I'm Your Machine Featuring Hard Ton (Extended Version) ", "I'm Your Machine Featuring Hard Ton (Antoni Maiovvi's Dungeon Of Dub Mix) ", "I'm Your Machine Featuring Hard Ton (Museum Remix) " ,"I'm Your Machine Featuring Hard Ton (Abberline & Santos Ratos Brutal Funk Remix) " DIGIEP & 12" Vinyl Rock Machine Records / Vielspass
2015 Silver Soul "Silver Soul (Single Version) ", "Silver Soul (Theatre Of Delays Remix) ", "Silver Soul (MelanoBoy Remix) " DIGIEP Rock Machine Records
2015 Fetish (ASFR "Fetish (Album Version) ", "Fetish (ASFR) (Mondowski Remix) ", "Fetish (ASFR) (Henning Specht Remix) ", "The way they make you feel (Extended Version) " DIGIEP Rock Machine Records
2014 Automatic People featuring Hanin Elias "Automatic People (Album Version) ", "Automatic People (Millimetric Remix) ", "Automatic People (Yeti Popstar remix) ", "Automatic People (Machines In The UK remix) ", "Automatic People (Adàn & Ilse remix) " DIGIEP Rock Machine Records
2014 Tempelhof "Tempelhof (Album Version) ", "Tempelhof (David Carretta Remix) ", "Crystal Flesh (Voxless) " DIGIEP Rock Machine Records
2013 Lay My Eye "Lay My Eye (Edit) " DIGIEP Rock Machine Records
2013 Devolution "Devolution (Loïs Plugged & Fruckie Remix)", "Devolution (Dualesque Remix)", "Devolution (Henning Specht Remix)", "Devolution (Tubbe Remix)" DIGIEP Killerrec
2013 Demolition "Demolition (original Version) ", "Demolition (Machine Remix)" DIGIEP Rock Machine Records
2012 Heading For The Moon "Heading For The Moon" "Monster" "All Is Lost" "I Don't Care" " My Time" "Summer Sun (Hot Like The Devil)" DIGIEP Rock Machine Records
2012 Discolition "Discolition" "Discolition (Niallist RoboVogue Remix)" "Discolition (Neue Volt Remix)" DIGIEP Rock Machine Records
2011 Trapped Inside "Trapped Inside" "Trapped Inside (Night Dub)" "Trapped Inside (Fashion Flesh Remix)" DIGIEP Rock Machine Records
2010 I Feel Love "I Feel Love " "Play With Fire " "Discolution " "Lie To Myself " "More Than My Time " 12-inch vinyl Rock Machine Records
2010 Break You Nice featuring Scream Club "Break You Nice Hard Ton remix Feat Zoe Vermillion & Sunday luv" "Break You Nice Divider remix Feat Zoe Vermillion & Sunday luv" "Break You Nice" "Screaming And Crying Leonard De Leonard Remix Feat Zoe Vermillion & Shunda K." "Screaming And Crying Feat Zoe Vermillion & Shunda K." 12-inch White Vinyl Rock Machine Records
2006 I'm Going Crazy/Fine as Fuck EP featuring Scream Club and Peaches "Fine As Fuck" "And You Belong" "I'm Going Crazy" "Team G." 12-inch vinyl (picture disc) Rock Machine Records


  • Autist - "Chien"(Electrosexual Remix)
  • Plasticzooms - "Veiled Eyes"(Electrosexual Remix)
  • Billie Ray Martin & Aérea Negrot - "Off The Rails"(Electrosexual Remix)
  • Billie Ray Martin & Aérea Negrot - "Off The Rails"(Electrosexual Dub)
  • Ost + Front - "MNSTR" - (Electrosexual Remix) Out Of Line Records
  • Adan & Ilse - "Like Me" - (Electrosexual Remix) Unknown Pleasures Records
  • Lois Plugged & Fruckie - "Spleen" - (Electrosexual Remix) Boxon Records
  • aMinus - "Morning After thrill" - (Electrosexual Remix)
  • Fantôme - "Love" (Electrosexual Remix) Cleopatra records/Rough Trade
  • Republica - "Christiana Obey" (Electrosexual Remix) (unreleased)
  • Transformer di Roboter- "Love Is Not Enough" (Electrosexual Remix) Leonizer Records
  • Dualesque -"Uncomplicated" (Electrosexual Complicated Remix)
  • Desireless & Operation Of The Sun - "Sertao" (Electrosexual Remix)
  • Tubbe - "Liebe Fertig" (Electrosexual Remix) Audiolith Records
  • aMinus Feat Magritte Jaco - "Don't Mind Me now" (Electrosexual Remix)
  • Hedi Mohr - "Little Red" Feat. Red Noise(Electrosexual Remix) Black Mink Rec
  • Tkuz - "In The Box" (Electrosexual Remix) Black Leather
  • Dead Sexy Inc. - "Lonesome Poupée" (Electrosexual Remix + Le Bardot Remix)
  • Equitant - "Body Vehement" (Electrosexual Remix) Black Montanas
  • The Niallist - "Work It" (Electrosexual Remix)
  • Steve Morell & Monika Pokorna - "Lady Pheres" (Electrosexual Remix) Pale Music International
  • Peaches Feat Shunda K. - "Billionaire" (Electrosexual Remix)
  • Transformer di Roboter - "Baghdad Disco" (Electrosexual Remix) Leonizer Records
  • Vesto Caino - "Dolce Vita" (Electrosexual Remix) Sony/Columbia
  • Minor Sailor - "Doctor Said" (Electrosexual Remix) Les Boutiques Sonores
  • Robots in Disguise- "Wake Up" (Electrosexual Remix) President Records
  • Fil Ok - "Listen To Me" (Electrosexual Remix) OK Music
  • I Monster - "Sucker for Your Sound" (Electrosexual Remix) Twins of Evil Records
  • Ssion - "Ah-Ma" (Electrosexual Remix) Sleazetone Records
  • Candy Clash - "79" (Electrosexual Remix) Sister Records
  • Keen K & P Muench - "Connection Flight" (Electrosexual Radionnection) Perfect Stranger Records
  • Dusti - "New York Slaves" (Electrosexual Slavery) Rock Machine Records
  • Mirah - "Cold Cold Water" (Electrosexual & Abberline Remix) K Records
  • David Carretta - "Lovely Toy" (Electrosexual Remix) Space Factory disques
  • Punk Bunny "Next Caller" & "G-Spot" (Electrosexual Remix) Crunch Records
  • Lesbians on Ecstasy "Tell Me Does She Love the Bass" (Electrosexual Remix) Alien8 Recordings
  • Houston Bernard "Str8 Acting" (Electrosexual Remix) MOFA Schallplatten

DJ mixes[edit]

Tracks appearing on compilations[edit]

  • Tempelhof (Edit) on RetroWave (Folistar)2014 ( MP3 Comp.)
  • Tempelhof (David Carretta Remix) on Tsugi Sampler 70 2014 ( MP3 Comp.)
  • Aussi Belle Qu'une Balle Feat. Magritte Jaco & Emmanuelle 5 on Tribute to Daniel Darc & Taxi Girl - Pleasures Unknown Records 2013 (CD Comp.)
  • Demolition (Machine Remix) on Tsugi Sampler 58 2012 ( MP3 Comp.)
  • I Feel Love on La Compil Jeudis Electro 2011 Feeling & Sound (Free Dropcard/ MP3 Comp.)
  • Break You Nice on Nouveaux Talents Fnac Believe Digital Hiver 2010 (MP3 Comp.)
  • Devolution on Toulouse Is On The Map (CD, Metal Disco Clash Records)
  • Trapped Inside (Edit) on Das Drehmoment 5th Anniversary Compilation, Vol. 2 (LP, Das Drehmoment Records)
  • New York Slaves Electrosexual Slavery on Music from Rock Machine (LP, Rock Machine Records)


Year Film Role Notes
May 2009 Electrosexual & Scream Club BREAK YOU NICE Music Video[4] Director/Editor Shot in Berlin's Wirr Warr art gallery.

Cast: The Heartbreaker:Cindy Wonderful, The Foxy Femme:Sarah Adorable, The Hedonist:Sunday The Sadist: Zoe Vermillion, and, Hank Bobbit, Aline & Vaness.

September 2009 FAX ART[5] Director/Editor Art Film Commissioned by N.Y. Bienale Art 2009
September 2010 Electrosexual I FEEL LOVE Music Video[6] Director/Editor/Himself Shot in Berlin on March 23, August 17 and September 7 of 2010. Cast: Mz Sunday Luv: The Puppet,

Jessie Evans (singer): The Prisoner, Jay Grand: The Filmmaker, Electrosexual: The Magician .

November 2010 Jessie Evans NINOS DEL ESPACIO Music Video[7] Co-Director Shot in Berlin (Haus Of Ophelia) in November 2010. Cast:

Jessie Evans (singer), Rubbish Fairy, Lady Balloon, The Sexy Freaks Of Berlin.

April 2011 Electrosexual & Scream Club Feat Sue Denim PARTYTIME Music Video[8] Director/Editor/Himself Shot in Berlin in July 2010. Plays performance artist in collaboration with Robots in Disguise's Sue Denim & Scream Club.
July 2012 Electrosexual HEADING FOR THE MOON Music Video[9] Director Shot in Berlin in May 2012. Cast:Electrosexual, Sigrid Elliott.
Sept 2014 Electrosexual Automatic People" Feat Hanin Elias Music Video[10] Director Shot in Berlin in August 2014. Cast:Hanin Elias, Electrosexual, Jay Stanway.
June 2016 Electrosexual I'm Your Machine" Feat Hard Ton Music Video[11] Director Shot in Berlin in June 2016.


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