Elefant Records

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Elefant Records
Founded 1989
Founder Luis Calvo
Genre Indie pop, Indie, Synthpop
Country of origin Spain
Location Las Rozas, Madrid
Official website Official website

Elefant Records is an independent record label based in Madrid Spain. Elefant records was founded in 1989 by Luis Calvo as an offshoot of a fanzine he produced called "La Línea Del Arco".

Publishing the fanzine “La linea del arco” (1989) was the starting bell for the future of one of the Spanish independent record labels that has had the greatest presence in the national and international music panorama. Since then the roll of the integral members of the label Elefant Records, either as important tour organizers (Noise Pop 92), legendary festival organizers (FIB 95) or unforgettable radio programs (Viaje a los sueños polares [Journey to polar dreams]), has been nothing more than the reflection of untiring and passionate activity for music, always with its sights set beyond the Spanish borders. Legendary groups and cult classics have put out albums on the Elefant label (FAMILY, LE MANS, LOS FLECHAZOS, LOS PLANETAS, NOSOTRÄSH, CARLOS BERLANGA, VAINICA DOBLE, TREMBLING BLUE STARS, LA CASA AZUL, CAMERA OBSCURA, SINGLE, THE SCHOOL, HELEN LOVE, ASTRUD, COOPER, MOMUS, HEAVENLY, BMX BANDITS, BIRDIE, DAMON AND NAOMI, GO-KART MOZART….) and with them the label has grown and grown until it has become a worldwide reference within the indie pop panorama.

But more than that, Elefant Records has always characterized itself by supporting unknown artists and as proof of this we have the current collection of New Adventures in Pop Singles, created exclusively to support the launch of new and emerging artists that fit in perfectly with the label’s philosophy. Because, if there is something that can be stated clearly and without secrets, it’s that after these more than 20 years of untiring activity, Elefant Records has a clearly recognizable identity as a label, and a name that in and of itself says a lot about those who follow its way of understanding music.

The Indietracks Music festival in Butterly, Derbyshire, was recently held partly in honour of Elefant's 20 year anniversary.

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