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Eleutheros Kosmos (Greek: Ελεύθερος Κόσμος, Free World) is a Greek weekly nationalist newspaper, owned by Dimitrios Zaphiropoulos, which was founded in 2003 as an "independent national newspaper".[1] Though ideologically distinct, the newspaper bears the same name as the original Eleftheros Kosmos, which was an inspiration for the creation of the new Eleftheros Kosmos owing to its historical renown among nationalists.[2] The original newspaper was in effect the official mouthpiece of the Regime of the Colonels dictatorship which ruled Greece from 1967 to 1974.


In 2007, the newspaper was sued by the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece and the Greek Helsinki Monitor for "insult of Jews" and "injury to Judaism", stemming from the newspaper's publication of extracts from Konstantinos Plevris' controversial book Jews: The Whole Truth.[3][4] Both Plevris and Eleftheros Kosmos characterize the lawsuit as an attempt to suppress free speech. The trial, which was to begin on 5 September, was postponed to 11 September.[5] On 13 December Eleftheros Kosmos was found not guilty of inciting racial hatred, although the co-accused Plevris was found guilty on first degree. The appeal verdict is expected in 2009. In the last trial, on 27 March 2009, K. Plevris was found innocent and acquitted of all charges on appeal.[6]


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