Elegy for a Lost Star

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Elegy for a Lost Star is a 2004 novel, the fifth novel in the Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon.

Plot Summary[edit]

The supposedly dead dragon Anwyn awakes from slumber, suffering from partial memory loss. Soon she becomes obsessed with a single thing: to find and take revenge on Rhapsody.

Achmed and Grunthor continue to rebuild the kingdom of Ylorc. Achmed's determination to rebuild an ancient and apparently extremely dangerous device called the Light Catcher threatens to sever his friendship with Rhapsody.

Talquist, the despotic Emperor Presumptive of Sorbold, brings to life a gigantic earthen statue, which goes on rampage.

Young Gwydion, ward of Rhapsody and her draconic husband Ashe, becomes the new Duke of Navarne and embarks on a mission with his mentor Anborn.

Pregnant Rhapsody visits the dragon Elynsynos and while there, she gives birth to her son, Meridion. Yet soon afterwards Anwyn appears and Rhapsody finds herself in grave danger. She, Achmed and the baby are saved by Ashe's father Llauron in the last second.


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