Elektra Festival

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Elektra Festival
Genre Electronic music, digital arts
Location(s) Montreal
Years active 1999-present
Founded by Association pour la Création et la Recherche Électroacoustiques du Québe
Elektra Festival official website

Presented every year in May by ACREQ (Association pour la Création et la Recherche Électroacoustiques du Québec - The Association for the Creation and Research of Electroaccoustics of Quebec), Elektra Festival is an internationally renowned digital arts festival established in Montreal since 1999.[1]

Renowned internationally as a cutting-edge festival, Elektra offers diverse experiences: immersive shows, live performances, interactive devices, installations and much more. Elektra focuses on presenting links between the latest technologies and their creative potential, using different mediums such as music, video, design, cinema, game and robotic.

Elektra allows artists from a range of disciplines (composition, performance, dance, visual arts etc.) to share their common interest for the artistic application of new technologies in order to explore the ever-evolving ways in which audio and visual can be united.


Elektra was formed in 1999, when ACREQ chose to organize a yearly cultural and artistic event. Elektra’s mission has since been to present artists and works that combine the latest in electronic music and visual creations derived from new technologies.

ELEKTRA is an international Digital art festival presenting artists and works that combine art and new technologies. Montreal-based cultural initiative, the ELEKTRA Festival is a showcase of local, national and international creation for Montreal's community.

2008 Edition[edit]

The 9th edition of Elektra festival went from May 7 to May 11, 2008. The program for 2008 was both innovating and accessible, and was sure to please both neophytes and aficionados.

2008 Partners[edit]

The edition of 2008 was presented in collaboration with Usine C, Cinémathèque québécoise and Provokat digital advertising agency. It's a third sponsorship of the event in as many years for Provokat.

This time however, the agency not only did the advertising but also contributed an interactive installation. The web site's visitors will had access to 9 web cams, each pointing to a different pewter column, one per event. When a user clicked to show his or her interest for a specific event, a robot started to move. It then dropped a dollop of pewter on the corresponding stalagmite. This silver forest will represent, as time goes by, the visitors' intentions. Its information aesthetics in real time, and in a real space. The sculpture will be on display at Usine C for the duration of the festival. Imagined and programmed by Provokat and built by Simon Laroche, the installation summarizes the festival and takes part in it all at once.

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