Elektra Lives Again

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Elektra Lives Again
Date March 1990
Main characters Elektra
Page count 96 pages
Publisher Epic Comics (Marvel Comics)
Creative team
Writers Frank Miller
Artists Frank Miller
Letterers Jim Novak
Colourists Lynn Varley
Creators Frank Miller
Lynn Varley
Editors Margaret Clark
Ralph Macchio
Al Milgrom
ISBN 093621127X

Elektra Lives Again is a 1990 graphic novel by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley that was published through the Marvel Comics imprint Epic Comics. It is a spin-off from Miller's run on Daredevil and tells the story of the return of ninja warrior Elektra from death.

Publication history[edit]

Elektra Lives Again was originally only available in a hardback edition (ISBN 093621127X). (It was also a few centimeters taller and wider than the usual graphic novel.)[citation needed] Elektra Lives Again has been reprinted a number of times (1991 ISBN 0-87135-738-0, 1996 ISBN 0-7851-0279-5, 2002 ISBN 0-7851-0890-4), and would get a paperback release in 1993 (ISBN 0871357984). Elektra Lives Again was also included in the 2008 hardcover Elektra by Frank Miller Omnibus (ISBN 0-7851-2777-1), along with the Elektra: Assassin limited series and a number of shorter stories.



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