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Elektrizitätsmuseum (in the grounds of the Elektra Birseck) Münchenstein.
Main entrance to the Elektrizitätsmuseum.

The Elektrizitätsmuseum (Museum of Electricity) is in Münchenstein, in the canton of Basel-Country in Switzerland.[1]

The Elektrizitätsmuseum belongs to the electric utility Elektra Birseck Münchenstein (EBM), and was opened in 1997.[2] Exhibits explore the history and development of power production and its use. The collection contains rare historic equipment and is complemented by a laboratory in which visitors can experiment with electric power.

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Coordinates: 47°30′51″N 7°37′01″E / 47.514141°N 7.616842°E / 47.514141; 7.616842