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Elektrobay charging station at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge, Surrey, UK

'Elektromotive is a UK based company, acquired by Chargemaster in 2017 [1], specialising in the manufacture and installation of charging infrastructure for electric cars and other electric vehicles, using their trade name of Elektrobay.[2][3] The company has partnerships with major corporations including EDF Energy[4] and Mercedes-Benz[5] to supply charging posts and data services.


Elektromotive was founded in 2003 by former photographer Calvey Taylor-Haw,[6] Mechanical Engineer Greg Simmons[7] and motorsport notoriety Mike Earle[8] in Brighton.

The company is based at Sussex University at the Sussex Innovation centre, which acts as a business incubator for start up companies.[9]

The first Elektrobays were installed by Westminster City Council in 2006 (branded as 'Juice Point'),[10] with there now being over 100 units in London. The Elektrobays are frequently used by EV users, with the Berkeley Square location in particular being frequently over subscribed.[6][11]

Elektromotive has a deal with electricity supplier EDF Energy to part fund the installation of some Elektrobays in public places.[12]

In February 2009, Westminster City Council was accused by energy suppler Npower of infringing its trademark by calling their Elektrobays 'Juice Points'.[13]

The first on-street stations outside in London were commissioned in Brighton and Hove in September 2009, although over 90 stations were already operational on private sites outside London.[10]

In January 2017, The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) gave Chargemaster permission to acquire Elektromotive and Charge Your Car[14], which was completed in the same month.


The company's main product is a range of Elektrobay units for charging vehicles that supply 13amps 230v[15] suitable for slow-charging vehicles as well as a 32amp version (single or three phase) for faster charging of vehicles.[16] These are available as free standing posts, wall mounted and with a range of connectors. They also offer intelligent systems to communicate with the vehicle while charging.[17]


Mercedes-Benz and Smart have been preparing for the widespread uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK by beginning the installation of recharging points across their dealer networks. Currently, 20 Elektrobay recharging units have been installed at seven locations as part of a pilot project. Further expansion of the initiative is planned for late-2010.[18]


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