Element 79 (anthology)

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First edition
(publ. New American Library)
Cover art by Stanislaw Zagorski

Element 79 is a collection of science fiction short stories authored by English astronomer and writer Fred Hoyle[1] and published in 1969. Included in the collection is the eponymous short story, Element 79. The collection takes its name from the atomic number of the seventy-ninth element, gold.


The anthology includes fifteen short stories:

  • Zoomen
  • Pym Makes His Point
  • The Magnetosphere
  • A Play's the Thing
  • Cattle Trucks
  • Welcome to Slippage City
  • The Ax
  • Agent 38
  • The Martians
  • Shortsighted
  • A Jury of Five
  • Blackmail
  • Element 79
  • The Judgment of Aphrodite
  • The Operation


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