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Elemental Records
Founded 1992
Founder Jonathan Boldt
Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location Portland, Oregon
Official website www.elementalrecords.com

Elemental Records is an American independent record label originally created in 1992. From its original inception, the label then headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. Original founders included Jonathan Boldt. In 1999, the label restructured under the new ownership of Cassandra and Aaron Thorpe and moved to the Portland area. The label's roster was fine-tuned and focused mostly on managing Floater and their album catalog.[1]

Artists signed to Elemental Records[edit]

Drawn from paper catalogs and the official website:[2]

  • Aggro Batch
  • Anzio Bridgehead
  • Dutchboy Fingers
  • Floater
  • Glowing Corn
  • Henry's Child
  • International Anthem
  • Jolly Mon
  • Sweaty Nipples
  • Tao Jones
  • The American Girls
  • tv:616

Bands whose records are offered through Elemental Records:[3]


  • E001 Aggro Batch - Cyclodrome Biohydroscone
  • E002 Northwest Ungrunge Compilation
  • E003 Jolly Mon - Sailing
  • E004 Anzio Bridgehead - Uncertain
  • E005 Dutchboy Fingers - Headless Friends
  • E006 Tao Jones - Gone
  • E007 Glowing Corn - Wish Eye
  • E008 International Anthem - The Green Sign
  • E009 Henry's Child - Mumbles and Screams
  • E010 Tao Jones - Tao Jones
  • E011 Floater - Sink
  • E012 Northwest Post-Grunge Compilation
  • E013 Jolly Mon - Nobody Knows Who You Are
  • E014 Floater - Glyph
  • E015 Sweaty Nipples - Thrill Crazed Space Kids Blasting the Flesh Off Humans
  • E016 Henry's Child - Clearly Confused
  • E017 Floater - Angels in the Flesh and Devils in the Bone
  • E018 Jolly Mon - Stoned Nation Radio
  • E019 The American Girls - In the Whiskey Ya-Ya's
  • E021 Floater - Burning Sosobra
  • E024 Floater - Alter
  • E028 Floater - Acoustics
  • E029 Floater - Floater Lives
  • E031 Floater - Stone By Stone (2 Disc set with DVD)


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