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Elena Congost
Elena Congost Mohedano Rio2016.jpg
Congost running 1500 m with a guide at the 2016 Paralympics
Personal information
Full nameElena Congost Mohedano
Born (1987-09-20) 20 September 1987 (age 34)
Barcelona, Spain
Country Spain
SportParalympic athletics
Disability classT12
Congost running the marathon at the 2016 Paralympics

Elena Congost Mohedano[a][1] (born 20 September 1987) is a T12/B2 track and field athlete from Spain. Born with a degenerative vision impairment, she is a teacher who lives in Catalonia, Spain. She competed at the 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Summer Paralympics and won the marathon in 2016, placing second in the 1500 m in 2012.[2]


Congost was born 20 September 1987 in Barcelona,[3][4] with a degenerative hereditary eye disease.[5][6] Her vision started to deteriorate when she was in school.[4] She is a teacher.[4]

In 2008, she lived in Castelldefels, Barcelona,[4] and was still living in the region in 2012.[5] At the 2011 Castelldefels sports awards, she won the award for best female athlete with a disability.[7] Living at the High Performance Centre (CAR) of San Cugat del Vallés in 2013, she shared a room with Mireia Belmonte.[8] In 2013, she was awarded the silver Real Orden al Mérito Deportivo.[9]

As of 2016, Congost has been a vegan for seven years for ethical, environmental and health reasons.[10] She credits it for a significant improvement in her anemia, digestive problems and other ailments.[11]


Congost is T12/B2 type athlete.[3] She is a member of ISS L'Hospitalet Atletisme, an athletic club in L'Hospitalet.[12] At the 2002 IPC World Championship in France, Congost finished seventh in the F12 long jump.[4] She had a pair of fifth-place finishes at the 2003 EPC European Athletics Championships in the 100 meter and long jump events.[4][13] At the 2003 IBSA World Games Athletics in Quebec, she earned a silver medal in the 4×400 relay and a 5th place in the long jump.[4]

Congost competed at the 2004 Summer Paralympics and finished seventh in the 200 m race.[3] At the 2006 World Athletics Championships, she placed fifth over 800 m.[4] At the 2007 2n Míting Internacional per Atletes Discapacitats, she won a bronze medal in the 600 m event.[14]

In 2008, Congost was affiliated with the Catalan region for national competitions.[15] With a time of 2:24.53, she finished seventh at the Manresa hosted 2008 CT. España Clubes Primera División 2ª J. Titulo Mujeres MAN-TFE-TFE-DIP race.[14] With a time of 2:27.28, she finished fifth at the Burgos hosted 2008 CT. España Clubes Primera División 1ª Jornada Mujeres ANT-MED-MAN-UOV race.[14] With a time of 2:27.75, she finished fifth at the Collado Villalba hosted 2008 CT. España Clubes Primera Division 3ª J. Titulo Mujeres MAP-MAN-TFE-UOV race.[14] She competed at the 2008 Summer Paralympics, where she finished sixth in the 1500 meter race. She also raced in the 800 meter race and finished 6 in the semifinal.[3]

Congost competed at the 2011 IPC World Athletics Championships and earned a silver medal in the T12 1500 meter race.[3][16][17] At the 2011 IBSA World Games Athletics in São Paulo, she finished third in the 800 meter T12 event.[3][4] In 2012, she was a recipient of a Plan ADO €20,000 scholarship with a €3,000 reserve.[18] Prior to the start of the London Games, she trained with several other visually impaired Spanish track and field athletes in Logroño.[19]

As a twenty-four-year-old, Congost at the 2012 Summer Paralympics, earning a silver medal in the 1500 meter race.[3][5][20] Her silver medal was the first silver given out to a female track and field athlete at the London Games.[5][16] In May 2013, she competed in the Spanish national championships, where she earned a gold medal in the 1500 meters.[21] In July 2013, she participated in the 2013 IPC Athletics World Championships.[22]


  1. ^ This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Congost and the second or maternal family name is Mohedano.


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