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Elena D'Angri, circa 1851

Elena D'Angri Vitturi (also known as Elena Angri) (May 1821 or 1824 in Corfu – 29 August 1886[1] in Barcelona) was a Greek-born operatic contralto of Italian origin who was active in the mid-19th century in European opera houses and in the United States.[2][3]

The daughter of Saverio Angri (originally from Naples) and Maria Vitturi di Giovanni, her real name was Nazarena Mattia Elena Catterina.[citation needed] She was baptised on 10 June 1821 at the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St James and St Christopher in Corfu, Greece.[citation needed]

During the 1855 and 1856 season at the Teatro Regio in Turin, she performed in La Cenerentola (as Angelina), The Barber of Seville (as Rosina), and Il trovatore (as Azucena).[4] Later in 1856, she performed for the first time in New York City, accompanied by the pianist and composer Sigismond Thalberg.[5]



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