Elena Drobychevskaja

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Elena Drobychevskaja
Lena small.jpg
Elena Drobychevskaja in 2007
Born(1968-03-28)28 March 1968
Minsk, Belarus
Known forPainting, Drawing

Elena Drobychevskaja, married Werner (Belarusian: Алена Драбычэўская; born 1968 in Minsk) is a Belarusian artist and graphic artist.


Drobychevskaja had private tutition from 1986 until 1990 with Prof. Romanko (former dean of the Monumental Painting Department of the academy of arts) in Minsk. From 1989 until 1992 she studied as a graphic artist and animated film draftswomen at the department of cinematography in Moskow. From 1989 until 1995[1] she was employed by the film studio "Belarusfilm" in Minsk. From 1991 until 1994 she had a practical course under Prof. Tkaschenko (an accredited artist with his own master class) in Minsk in fields of specialization painting. Since 1995 she has been living in Munich, Germany.


In 1996/97 she worked at Bioskop-Film Munich as assistant animator[2] on the animated cartoon project "Die furchtlosen Vier" (The fearless Four – a modern remake of the Town Musicians of Bremen). The world premiere was in the Gloria Palace 1997 in Munich. Since 2003 she has been working as a freelance artist. Since 2009 member of artist association "Artist Circle Haar".[3]


Wild Horse

Drobychevskaja works in a variety of media, including pastel, acrylics and oils. She prefers horses as a subject, which are valued by classicists of Spanish horses.[4] She also paints other subjects, for instance, female nudes.[5] Animals are often used in the artworks of Drobychevskaja, for example in the works Corrida and Wild Horse. Abstract portraits are also a favoured subject. Drobychevskaja uses luminous colors, favouring red shades.

Solo exhibitions[edit]

  • 2017: "Gallery AndO" - Oberstdorf (Allgäu), June - October
  • 2017: "Kultur-Etage" - the fairground Riem/Munich
  • 2013: "Color Horizon" – Schauburg Theater, Munich Schwabing / Theaterklause "Onkel Wanja"
  • 2013: "Maritime" – Zollamt Gallery, Varel
  • 2011: "Russian Love"[5] – Cultural Restaurant "Exil", Munich
  • 2011: "La rentrée au galop avec Elena Drobychevskaïa"[6] – Gallery ArtFontainebleu, France
  • 2011: "Cafe – House – Pictures"[7] – Harbour Gallery Varel
  • 2009: "Mosaic of the Colours" – Market Gallery Rotthalmünster
  • 2009: "Red Horse"[8][9] – Municipal Gallery Bad Griesbach

Group exhibitions[edit]

  • 2015: "Touches" – City Hall Haar near Munich
  • 2015: "This is, how we do it" – Art forum Arabellapark, Munich
  • 2014: "Strange Worlds" – City Hall Haar near Munich
  • 2014: "Kultur-Etage Messestadt" – Munich-Riem
  • 2013: "Cooperation G-Inspire-Art" – Gallery Inspire Art, Dresden
  • 2013: "Obacht Kunst!" – Postgaragen Munich
  • 2012: "Yearly Exhibition of KKH 2012" – City Hall Haar near Munich
  • 2012: "Kaleidoscope" – district court Laufen, Germany
  • 2011: "Yearly Exhibition of KKH 2011" – City Hall Haar near Munich, Germany
  • 2010: "Yearly Exhibition of KKH 2010" – Community Center Haar near Munich, Germany
  • 2010: "Interlude equestre" – Gallery ArtFontainebleau,[10] France
  • 2010: "Clubhaus2010" – Restaurant Clubhaus2010, Lorsch near Mannheim, Germany
  • 2009: "Yearly Exhibition of KKH 2009" – Community Center Haar near Munich, Germany


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