Elena Guskova

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Elena Guskova
Born Елена Юрьевна Гуськова
(1949-09-23)September 23, 1949
Moscow, Soviet Union
Nationality Soviet, Russian
Occupation historian

Elena Yuryevna Guskova (Russian: Елена Юрьевна Гускова) (born on 23 September 1949 in Moscow, Soviet Union) is a Russian historian and member of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts.

Elena Guskova is one of the scholars who blame the Western countries not only for breakup of Yugoslavia but also for the violence which accompanied it.[1] She is also a member of the Senate of Republika Srpska.[2] Guskova publicly stated her opinion that the Brussels Agreement (2013) signed by the Government of Serbia in April 2013 indirectly recognizes Kosovo as independent state.[3]


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