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Not to be confused with the Russian single skater Alena Leonova.

Elena Leonova (Russian: Елена Леонова, born 21 July 1973 in Moscow, Soviet Union) is a former Soviet pair skater. She is a two-time (1986, 1987) World Junior champion with partner Gennadi Krasnitski.[1] After their partnership ended, she competed briefly with Sergei Petrovski. After Leonova ended her ISU competitive career, she toured with a show produced by Tatiana Tarasova and teamed up with Andrei Khvalko.[2] They competed at the World Professional Championships and won it twice, in 1999 and 2000.[2] They are married with two daughters.[2]


(with Krasnitski)

Event 1985–86 1986–87 1987–88 1988–89 1989–90
NHK Trophy 1st
Skate Canada 1st
Nebelhorn 1st
St. Gervais 1st
International: Junior
Junior Worlds 1st 1st
Soviet Champ. 3rd

(with Petrovski)

Event 1991
Skate America 5th


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