Elena Pop-Hossu-Longin

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Elena Pop-Hossu-Longin (1856-1946) was an Imperial Austrian-born Romanian writer, journalist, socialist, suffragist and women's rights activist. She was co-founder of Reuniunea Femeilor Române Sălăjene (RFRS) in 1880, co-founder of Reuniunea Femeilor Române Hunedorene in 1886 and its president from 1895 to 1918.

Her parents were Mariel Losonti and the politician Gheorghe Pop de Băsești, and in 1882 she married lawyer Francisc Hossu-Longin. In 1879, Elena was awarded the Elizabeth Cross in recognition for the fundraising she carried out for the wounded soldiers in the war.

Elena Pop-Hossu-Longin was a leading figure of the Romanian women's movement and engaged in the struggle for equal rights between men and women, particularly in regards to education.


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