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Elena Møller Rigas, born 29 January 1996 in Albertslund is a Danish inline and speed skater.[1] She was selected as flag-bearer for Denmark at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics.[2] She participated in the women's mass start.


Rigas started out as a roller skater in the Kongens Enghave district of Copenhagen in 2000. The following year she joined Vesterbro Rulleskøjteklub but moved to Vallensbæk Rulleskøjteklub in 2005.[3] She participated three times in the European roller skating championships before taking up ice skating. At the 2015 Junior European Roller Skating Championships in Wörgl, Austria, she won three gold, a silver and a bronze medal.[4]

Personal records[edit]

Rigas has achieved the following personal records in speed skating:[5]

Distance Time Date Location
500 meter 41.80 30 September 2016 Inzell
1000 meters 1:21.71 21 October 2016 Inzell
1500 meters 2:02.48 9 December 2017 Salt Lake City
3000 meters 4:11.69 1 December 2017 Calgary


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