Elena Tairova

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Elena Tairova
Country Belarus
Born (1991-08-28)August 28, 1991
Minsk,[1] Belarusian SSR, Soviet Union
Died 16 March 2010(2010-03-16) (aged 18)
Title International Master
Woman Grandmaster
Peak rating 2455 (November 2009)
Peak ranking No. 34 woman (July 2009)

Elena Tairova (Belarusian: Алена Таірава, Alena Tairava; Russian: Елена Таирова; August 28, 1991 – March 16, 2010) was a Belarusian and Russian chess player with the titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster.

Tairova won the European Under-10 Girls Championship in 2001, while playing for Belarus,[2] and the World Under-14 Girls Championship in 2005.[3] She was the runner-up in the European Under-12 Girls Championship of 2003[4] and in the European Under-14 Girls Championship of 2004. She won the bronze medal at the World Under-14 Girls Championship.[5]

Tairova was awarded the titles of Woman Grandmaster in 2006[6] and International Master in 2007.[7] She won the Russian U-20 girls championship of 2006.[8] In December of the same year, she was the runner-up in the Superfinal of the Russian women’s championship.[9]

In May 2007, Tairova played board five for the Russian team that won the silver medal in the 1st Women's World Team Chess Championship in Yekaterinburg.[10] In July 2007, she finished third in the Queens Woman Grandmasters tournament in Bad Homburg, behind Zhao Xue and Elisabeth Pähtz.[11][12] In 2007, she participated in the Russia vs China match and tied for first at the Russian Superfinal 2007, beating Nadezhda Kosintseva, among others.

On March 16, 2010, Tairova died from a chronic undisclosed illness at the age of 18.[13]


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