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Elena Vasilievna Bomeshko is the former minister of education of Transnistria. According to her critics, she has supported a policy discriminating against school-children using the Romanian alphabet and supported the promotion of a separate Moldavian language written in the Cyrillic script. According to her defenders, she has merely done her job of upholding the Transnistrian legislation. It follows that since Moldova does not recognize Transnistria, nor does it recognize the validity of Transnistria's own legislation, so in the eyes of Moldova, Bomeshko is failing to obey Moldova's laws by following Transnistria's.

In 2004, she announced the closure of some Romanian-language schools using the Latin alphabet. Amid international criticism, the decision was later reversed.

Bomeshko was replaced in 2007 as minister of education by Maria Rafailovna Pashchenko.[1]

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