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Elena Yoncheva

Elena Nikolova Yoncheva (Bulgarian: Елена Николова Йончева) (born on 27 May 1964) is a Bulgarian freelance journalist and former Bulgarian National Television correspondent, who has reported from many conflict areas. Yoncheva has authored more than 25 TV documentaries on these conflicts,[1] and while reporting from Iraq in 2003, she had a narrow escape from tragedy being rescued from armed civilians by an Iraqi official.[2] In June 2013, she was injured by a tear-gas grenade while reporting from Istanbul, Turkey.[3]

Yoncheva was born on 27 May 1964 in Sofia, to parents Nikola and Larisa. She datеd Sergey Stanishev, former Prime Minister of Bulgaria, between 1994 and 2009; they had known each other since their student years in Moscow, Russia.[4] She has reported from Kosovo, Algeria, Chechnya, Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela, Colombia and other hot spots. Yoncheva has also authored a documentary on the Bulgarian Antarctic base, the Roma in Lom and on other topics. In 2008, she became a participant in bTV's television series Dancing Stars. Since October 2013, she is co-anchor of TV7's show "The Original", together with Ivan Garelov.


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