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Gender Female
Other names
Related names Helen, Helene, Elaine

Eleni is a phonetic spelling of the Modern Greek name "Ελένη", whose ancient version, Ἑλένη, is anglicized as Helen. Popular diminutives and nicknames include: Elenitsa, Elenaki, Elena, Lena, Lenio, Nitsa.

Eleni may refer to:


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Eleni Andros Cooper, fictional character on the soap opera Guiding Light
  • Eleni, fictional vampire in Anne Rice's novel The Vampire Lestat
  • Eleni Petraki, fictional character in Victoira Hislop's novel The Island
  • Eleni Cooper, mother of Baron George Cooper in the Legends of Tortall novels by Tamora Pierce


Songs about Eleni[edit]

  • Anoixe Lenio tin porta (Lenio open the door, Greek: Άνοιξε Λενιώ την πόρτα), traditional
  • Eleni by Thanos Mikroutsikos and Babis Tsikliropoulos, originally sung by Haris Alexiou
  • Fevgo, Lenio (Lenio, I'm leaving, Greek: Φεύγω, Λενιώ) by Spyros Peristeris and Minos Matsas
  • I Eleni i zontochira (Divorcee Eleni, Greek: Η Ελένη η ζωντοχήρα) by Iovan Tsaous, originally sung by Antonis Kalyvopoulos
  • I Lenio i koutsobola (Nosy Lenio, Greek: Η Λενιώ η κουτσομπόλα) by Michalis Genitsaris
  • Nitsa-Elenitsa (Greek: Νίτσα-Ελενίτσα) by Giorgos Mitsakis, originally sung by Stelios Kazantzidis
  • To tango tis Elenis (Eleni's tango, Greek: Το τανγκό της Ελένης) by Antonis Vardis and Vasilis Papakonstantinou
  • Eleni by Nikos Karvelas, originally sung by Anna Vissi - later covered by Turkish pop folk singer Hülya Avşar as "Sevdim"

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