Eles, Tunisia

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This article is about a village in Tunisia. For the Slovenian electricity transmission company, ELES, see Elektro-Slovenija.
Eles, Tunisia
Eles is the site of a large number of megalithic dolmens
Eles is the site of a large number of megalithic dolmens
Eles, Tunisia is located in Tunisia
Eles, Tunisia
Eles, Tunisia
Location in Tunisia
Coordinates: 35°56′55″N 9°5′50″E / 35.94861°N 9.09722°E / 35.94861; 9.09722Coordinates: 35°56′55″N 9°5′50″E / 35.94861°N 9.09722°E / 35.94861; 9.09722
Country Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia
Governorate Siliana Governorate
Time zone CET (UTC1)

Eles (also transliterated as Ellès and Al Las) is a village in the Siliana Governorate, Tunisia. It is located around 35°56′55″N 9°5′50″E / 35.94861°N 9.09722°E / 35.94861; 9.09722 about 13 km northwest of Maktar. It sits over a natural spring at the base of the surrounding hills.

The village is notable for the large number of dolmens found immediately to the west, south and east of the village which are typical of the tombs found around Maktar.[1] A study of fifty-three of the dolmens by Belmonte, Esteban and Jiménez González[2] suggest that some of these tombs may be orientated towards Alpha Centauri. In contrast Hoskin[3] argues that Tunisian dolmen orientations can be explained by the local topography, in that the entrances all face downhill.

The local rock strata are geologically interesting as they provide a particularly good record of the Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary,[4] which is now better known as the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event.


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