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The elevator game is an urban legend ritual game from Japan and Korea[1][2] that is purported to allow those who take part in the chance to visit an alternate dimension, or communicate with spirits from another world. One hypothesis behind the strange behaviors and disappearance of Elisa Lam was that she was attempting to play the elevator game.[3]


Players should locate an elevator in a building with 10 floors, ride it alone and visit different floors in a specific order, with special instructions not to trust, look, or speak, with a lady who enters on the fifth floor joining you on the elevator.[4]

Alternative world[edit]

The only person in the otherworld is the participant that plays the game. According to the ritual, the building is identical; except that all the lights are out and the only thing the player would see outside is a red cross.

Travel back[edit]

The ritual states that to return to the world that the player comes from, the player must use the same elevator. However, this may be difficult as you may be confused or the elevator goes farther away the closer you get. The steps must be done in the same sequence up to the fifth floor. Then the final button will return the player to the tenth floor, but the player must press another button in between and the first floor button to go to the first floor. The game rules ask the player to check for small things to be sure they are back in the real world and offer steps to do if the player considers this is not the case.[4]

The Fifth Floor Woman[edit]

At the 5th floor, a mysterious woman may enter the elevator and try to lure the player. According to the rules of the game, the girl must not be talked to or acknowledged in any way. She is a spirit looking to misguide the player into bringing them into a different realm.[2][4][5]


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