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Eleven @ 11:00 is the title of the 11:00 p.m. newscast on many local television stations in the United States. The name is based on the fact that the newscast will run for at least eleven minutes before the first commercial break, a summarized weather forecast segment will air during that time, or the top local and regional and/or national news headlines (sometimes themed to spend a minute on each story as a countdown of the day's most important stories) will run in the first eleven minutes of the newscast, or in a few cases, provide alliteration in newscast titling for a station which is on Channel 11. By contrast, the traditional newscast format has the opening segment (or "A-block") lasting only 7–8 minutes long; however this has expanded in some local news formats to 8–10 minutes depending on the market outside of the "Eleven @ 11" format due to competition.

Naming variations[edit]

There are a handful of variations on the way Eleven @ 11:00 is expressed in written form (on-screen graphics, TV program listings, etc.)

  • 11 @ 11
  • 11 at 11
  • Eleven @ 11:00
  • Eleven at Eleven
  • Eleven at 11
  • The Eleven

Stations in the Central and Mountain time zones, or those who are affiliates of networks other than the Big Three in the other U.S. time zones, may use the equivalent Ten @ 10:00. If the station is on channel 10 or 11 (broadcast or cable), the station may opt to use the similar branding 11 on 11, 10 on 10 or On 10 at 10.

Stations using the brand[edit]

Current stations using the brand[edit]

Here are a list of stations with a newscast called Eleven @ 11:00 or some other variation of such:

Station Affiliation DMA Name Name Further information
KRXI-TV (11) Fox Reno, NV Fox 11 News: Eleven at Eleven
KHQ-TV (6) NBC Spokane, WA KHQ Local News: 11@11 [1]
KMTR (16) NBC Eugene, OR NewsSource 16: 11 at 11
KNDO (23) NBC Yakima, WA NBC Right Now Local News: 11@11
KNDU (25) NBC Richland/Kennewick/Pasco, WA NBC Right Now Local News: 11@11 Satellite station of KNDO
KTHV (11) CBS Little Rock, AR 11 on 11: The THV 10:00 Difference
KVLY-TV & KVLY-DT2 (11/11.2) NBC & CBS Fargo, ND Ten at 10:00 Opens with "Top Stories and Total Weather in the 1st 10 minutes"; simulcast across both NBC and CBS subchannels
WCPO-TV (9) ABC Cincinnati, OH 11 at 11:00 PM Opens with "11 Minutes of Non-Stop News and Weather in the First 11 Minutes"
WHAS-TV (11) ABC Louisville, KY WHAS 11 News: 11 at 11
WHSV-TV (3) ABC Harrisonburg, VA WHSV News 3: 11@11
WLTZ-TV (38) NBC Columbus, GA WLTZ NBC 38 News: 11@11
WOI-TV (5) ABC Des Moines, IA 10@10
WOWT (6) NBC Omaha, NE 10@10
WPXI (11) NBC Pittsburgh, PA Channel 11 News: 11@11[2]
WSYR-TV (9) ABC Syracuse, NY Eleven @ 11:00[3][4]
WWTI (50) ABC Watertown, NY Eleven @ 11:00 Simulcasts newscasts from WSYR

Past stations that used the brand[edit]

Station Affiliation DMA Name Name Further information
KIRO-TV (7) CBS Seattle, WA KIRO 7 Eyewitness News: Eleven at 11 [5] now KIRO 7 at 11
KNTV (11) NBC San Jose-San Francisco, CA NBC 11 News: 11@11
KTEN (10) NBC Sherman, TX/Ada, OK KTEN News: Ten @ 10:00
KTNV-TV (13) ABC Las Vegas, NV Channel 13 Action News: 11 at 11
KTVT (11) CBS Fort Worth/Dallas, TX 11 on 11 at Ten
WBRZ-TV (2) ABC Baton Rouge, LA Ten at Ten Used during the late 1990s and early 2000s
WFTC (29) MyNetworkTV
(formerly UPN and Fox)
Minneapolis, MN Ten at 10:00 Newscast no longer exists
WDJT-TV (58) CBS Milwaukee, WI CBS 58 Ten @ 10:00[6] Used from 2007 until the end of October 2014, also used basic 'news and weather in the first ten minutes' framework for their morning, noon, and 5pm newscasts; now under more traditional format
WKJG-TV, now WISE-TV (33) NBC Fort Wayne, IN NBC 33 News: 11 at 11
WPEC (12) CBS West Palm Beach, FL News 12's 11 @ 11:00 Used from circa 2000 until station's February 2008 rebranding as "CBS 12."
WPTY-TV, now WATN-TV (24) ABC Memphis, TN Ten at 10:00
WREX (13) NBC Rockford, IL 13 News 10 @ 10 Began in July 1999. Dropped from graphics in December 2010; dropped from anchor intro May 2013.
WXEX-TV, now WRIC-TV (8) ABC Richmond, VA Eyewitness News Eleven at 11:00 Originated the format in July 1988[citation needed]
WTKR (3) CBS Norfolk, VA News 3's Eleven at 11
Channel 3 Eyewitness News Eleven at Eleven
TV-3 News Eleven at 11
NewsChannel 3 11 at 11
First introduced in late 1991. Stopped using in 1995; brought back in 1999 and used until 2002.
WTVQ (36) ABC Lexington, KY Eleven @ 11:00 on NewsChannel 36
WTVR-TV (6) CBS Richmond, VA News 6: Eleven @ 11
WVIT-TV (30) NBC Hartford-New Haven, CT NBC 30 News: 11@11
WWAY-TV (3) ABC Wilmington, NC WWAY NewsChannel 3: 11@11
WPRI (12) CBS Providence, RI Channel 12 Eyewitness News: Twelve on 12 at 11pm
WKRN-TV ABC Nashville, TN Channel 2 News 10 at Ten
WNYO-TV (49) MyNetworkTV Buffalo, NY 2 News on 49, 10 at 10 This newscast is now on WUTV and no longer uses the "10 at 10" brand.
XETV (6) Canal 5 (Mexico) San Diego, CA 11@11 News operation discontinued on March 31, 2017; used as an affiliate of The CW
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