Elfros, Saskatchewan

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Elfros, Saskatchewan
Icelandic settler statue in Elfros, Saskatchewan

Elfros is a village in Saskatchewan, Canada, within Elfros RM 307. It is northeast of Regina and southeast of the Quill Lakes at the junction of Highway 16 and Highway 35.


Elfros was first settled by Icelandic immigrants, and many of the present inhabitants are of Icelandic descent. A post office was opened in 1909.[1]

From the Icelandic Pioneer Memorial in Elfros comes the following quotation.

"There were two waves of Icelandic settlement to and within Saskatchewan. The first group came directly from Iceland, paused briefly in Winnipeg, then moved on to Saskatchewan. The second group trekked north and west from older settlements in North Dakota and Manitoba.

In June 1882, the first Icelandic families came to Fishing Lake. The magnets were hay and water. Settements followed at Foam Lake, Kristnes, Leslie, Mt Hecla, Holar, Elfros, Mozart, Wynyard, Kandahar and Dafoe, creating the largest Icelandic settlement outside of Iceland.

Icelanders were not natural farmers. They were poets, musicians and visionaries, people who saw work as a means to an end. Icelandic communities became cultural centres with bands, choirs and libraries. Icelanders built community halls. Many schools in the Vatnabyggd area have Icelandic names.

Important celebrations included Torrablot, the First Day of Summer, and Independence Day celebrations on June 17 and August 2.

For spiritual nourishment, Icelanders relied on travelling preachers, meeting in homes and community halls.

The Icelanders who came to Saskatchewan became competent farmers but saw the land as a means to improve conditions both for themselves and for their children. Aware of the value of family and community, they left a legacy of art, literacy, music and social responsibility." Elfros at Flickriver

The Rural municipality (RM) of Elfros held centennial celebrations July 24–26, 2009.[2]


As of the 2011 Canadian Census the population of Elfros was 96, down from 110 in 2006.[3][4]



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Coordinates: 51°44′30″N 103°51′40″W / 51.74167°N 103.86111°W / 51.74167; -103.86111