Elgeseter Line

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Elgeseter Line
Trondheim Sporvei at Dalsenget.jpg
At the terminus Dalsenget there was a depot
Native name Elgeseterlinjen
Type Tramway
System Trondheim Tramway
Status Abandoned
Termini Trondheim Torg
Opened 1913
Closed 1983
Owner City of Trondheim
Operator(s) Trondheim Sporvei
Trondheim Trafikkselskap
Line length 2.5 km
Track length 5.0 km
Number of tracks Double
Track gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in)
Route map
Trondheim Central Station(1913 - 1988)
Meråker Bridge
Olav Tryggvasons gate
Torget(1893 - 1961)
Prinsens gate
Elgeseter Bridge

The Elgeseter Line (Norwegian: Elgeseterlinjen) was a tramway line in Trondheim Tramway between Trondheim Torg and Elgeseter. The tram line was built in 1913, expanded in 1923 and abandoned in 1983. It was used by Line 2 operated by Trondheim Sporvei, later Trondheim Trafikkselskap, though part of the line was used by Singsaker Line.


Trondheim got its first tram in 1893, and by 1913 an expansion was constructed between the city center and Magnus den Godes Street. At the same time a branch line was built to Trondheim Central Station from Olav Tryggvason's Street. The new line went from the station via the city to Elgeseter. In 1923 the line was expanded to Dalsenget and a depot was constructed there.

When the new Lade Line to Lade was built in 1958 Line 2 was moved from the railway station to Lade and in 1974 the operation of the tramway was taken over by the newly created Trondheim Trafikkselskap. But in 1983 a political compromise was made by the city council, expanding Line 1 from Lademoen to Lade and closing Elgeseter Line and Line 2.[1]


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