Elgin Street, Hong Kong

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Elgin Street
Traditional Chinese伊利近街

Elgin Street is located in Central, Hong Kong. It was named after James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin. One of the earliest streets in Hong Kong, it was also known as "Mud Street" (泥街) by the locals, as the street formerly became very muddy on rainy days.


The street begins at a low elevation at Hollywood Road and ends high at Caine Road. The street is divided into two sections by the junction with Peel Street and Staunton Street. The upper section is less steep than the lower as it approaches the hilltop after the junction.


One can find several stalls selling miscellaneous things, which are heaped on the ground, on the sloping street. Originally there were two dai pai dongs operating on the street near Hollywood Road, but one of them was forced to closed in 2005. Many international restaurants and a comedy club[1] can be found on the upper section of the street.


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Coordinates: 22°16′55″N 114°09′08″E / 22.28198°N 114.15236°E / 22.28198; 114.15236