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ElgooG 2015 logo.png
ElgooG 2015 screenshot.png
elgooG homepage
Type of site
Web search engine
Owner Google
Website elgoog.im
Registration Optional
Launched April 1, 2015 (2015-04-01)[1]

elgooG (Google spelled backwards) was a mirrored website of Google Search with horizontally flipped search results, also known as a "Google mirror". An unofficial elgooG website was created by All Too Flat "for fun", which started to gain popularity in 2002.[2] All Too Flat's elgooG site found practical use in the People's Republic of China after the domestic banning of Google, circumventing the Great Firewall.[3] A whois request shows that the domain elgoog.com was registered to Google Inc. since 2000, but it is currently for sale.[4] The site was a way for Chinese people to access the popular search engine, which is banned in the country.

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