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Elhanan Helpman
2008 - Elhanan Helpman.jpg
Born (1946-03-30) March 30, 1946 (age 71)
Jalal-Abad, Soviet Union (now Kyrgyzstan)
Nationality Israeli American
Institution Harvard University
Tel Aviv University (Emeritus)
Field Political economy
Alma mater Harvard University (Ph.D.)
Tel Aviv University (M.A.)
Richard E. Caves
Hendrik S. Houthakker
Paula Bustos
Influences Eitan Berglas
Menahem Yaari[de]
Contributions International trade
Economic growth
Awards Israel Prize (1991), 2013 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award
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Elhanan Helpman (Hebrew: אלחנן הלפמן‎‎, born March 30, 1946) is an Israeli-American economist who works in the field of international trade, political economy and economic growth.


Born in the Soviet Union, the family moved to Poland, where he attended a Jewish school. Later his family immigrated to Israel, where he completed elementary and high school. Initially he wanted to study engineering, but during his military service from 1963 to 1966 he decided to study economics after reading a copy of Paul Samuelson's Economics.[1] He graduated with a B.A. in economics and statistics from Tel Aviv University in 1969. He continued his education at Tel Aviv University and graduated with a M.A. in economics in 1971. He enrolled at Harvard University in 1971 and graduated with a Ph.D. in economics in 1974. He returned to Israel, where he was a lecturer and later a university professor from 1974 to 2004 at Tel Aviv University. Since 1997 he is also a professor of economics at Harvard University.[2]

He was an active participant in Israeli policy debates, and was a member of the advisory board of the Bank of Israel, the Council for National Planning and the National Council for Research and Development. He is married to Ruth Helpman, who is a financial analyst. Together they have two daughters.


  • In 1990, Helpman was awarded the Mahalanobis Memorial Medal by the Indian Econometric Society.
  • In 1991, he was awarded the Israel Prize, for economics.[3]

As weel he was awarded a Honorary Doctorate by the Catholic University of Louvain and by the University of Warsaw,[4] received the Mahalanobis Memorial Medal, the Bernhard Harms Prize, the Rothschild Prize, the EMET Prize, the Nemmers Prize and the Onassis Prize.[5]

Helpman received the 2013 BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Economy, Finance and Management for his outstanding work in two key areas in modern economics: international trade and output growth.


His research focuses on international trade, economic growth, and the political economy of trade policy. He frequently collaborated with Gene Grossman. Elhanan Helpman is one of the founders of the new trade theory and endogenous growth theory which both emphasize economies of scale and imperfect competition. In the field of political economy his research focuses on how the interaction of lobby groups and politicians shapes trade policy. More recently his works study the relationship between international trade and the organization of firms.

Published works[edit]

  • Helpman, Elhanan; Krugman, Paul (1985). Market structure and foreign trade: increasing returns, imperfect competition and the international economy. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press. ISBN 9780262081504. 
  • Helpman, Elhanan; Neary, J. Peter; Ethier, Wilfred (1993). Theory, policy and dynamics in international trade: essays in honor of Ronald W Jones. Cambridge New York, NY, USA: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521434423. 
  • Helpman, Elhanan; Grossman, Gene (1993). Innovation and growth in the global economy. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press. ISBN 9780262570978. 
  • Helpman, Elhanan; Grossman, Gene (2002). Special interest politics. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press. ISBN 9780262571678. 
  • Helpman, Elhanan (2004). The mystery of economic growth. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. ISBN 9780674015722. 

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