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Eli Bauer (left) and Gene Deitch

Elias "Eli" Bauer (1928–1998) was born in The Bronx, New York to Max and Goldie Bauer. It was his passion for art that took him out of the Bronx and into Manhattan, where he attended the School of Industrial Arts.

He went on to become a storyman and layout artist working for Ray Patin Productions in Hollywood, CA, and Terrytoons in New Rochelle New York. It was while at Terrytoons that Bauer created the popular animated character "Hector Heathcote", the Minute and a Half Man. He also freelanced and found success with his own comic strips "Kermit the Hermit" and "Norman" and formed a production company, Ariel Productions, with the late Al Kouzel that created Sesame Street animated spots, commercials and continued the Winky Dink and You TV series. He would later concentrate on writing and drawing his own "gags" for such well known magazines as Playboy, Penthouse, Punch, Collier's Weekly and Omni.

In 1958 Eli Bauer married Norma (Dianne) Littlejohn and they had three children: Nyles Bauer, born 1961; Aimee Bauer, born 1962; Laura Bauer, born 1965.