Eli Biham

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Eli Biham
Eli Biham.jpg
Native name אלי ביהם
Born 1960
Nationality Israel
Fields Computer science
Institutions Technion
Alma mater Tel Aviv University,
Weizmann Institute
Doctoral advisor Adi Shamir
Doctoral students Tal Mor
Elad Barkan
Orr Dunkelman
Yaniv Carmeli
Rafi Chen
Known for Studies in cryptography and cryptanalysis (invention and breaking of Encryption functions), specifically Differential cryptanalysis

Eli Biham (Hebrew: אלי ביהם‎‎) is an Israeli cryptographer and cryptanalyst, currently a professor at the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology Computer Science department. Starting from October 2008, Biham is the dean of the Technion Computer Science department, after serving for two years as chief of CS graduate school. Biham received his Ph.D. for inventing (publicly) differential cryptanalysis, while working under Adi Shamir. It had, it turned out, been invented at least twice before. A team at IBM discovered it during their work on DES, and was requested/required to keep their discovery secret by the NSA, who evidently knew about it as well.

Contributions to cryptanalysis[edit]

Among his many contributions to cryptanalysis one can count:

New cryptographic primitives[edit]

Biham has taken part in the design of several new cryptographic primitives:

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