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Eli Craig (2010)

Elijah Michael "Eli" Craig (born May 25, 1972) is an American screenwriter and film director, who started his Hollywood career with a few small acting jobs.

His first full-length film as writer/director was the horror comedy movie Tucker & Dale vs Evil, which took three years to complete.[1]


He is Sally Field's second son.[2] His older brother Peter Craig is an actor, screenwriter and novelist. His half-brother John Craig is a musician. He also has another younger half-brother named Sam Greisman, who is Sally Field's youngest son.

Craig is married and a father.[3]


  • Deal of a Lifetime (1999) Actor, playing Kevin Johnson
  • The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999) Actor, playing Chuck
  • Space Cowboys (2000) Actor, playing Young William "Hawk" Hawkins, USAF
  • Intertwined Lives (2003 short documentary) Editor
  • Art Thief Musical! (2004 short) Producer
  • The Elephant's Egg (2004 short) Associate Producer
  • The Tao of Pong (2004 short) Writer & Director
  • Racer Number 9 (2005 short) Actor, playing Buddy Werner
  • Fast Money (2006 short) Producer
  • Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010) Writer & Director
  • Moving Pictures Live!: "Underground Comedy" (2010) as Himself
  • Brothers & Sisters: "Get a Room" (2010) Director


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