Eli Somer

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Eli Somer
Scientific career
FieldsClinical psychology, Maladaptive daydreaming, trauma and dissociation
InstitutionsUniversity of Haifa
Doctoral advisorCarolyn M. Tucker

Eli (Eliezer) Somer (Hebrew: אלי זומר; born 1951) is an Israeli Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Haifa, School of Social Work.[1] He is the former President of both the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation[2] (ESTD, 2009-2011) and the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD, 2005-2006),[3] and serves as scientific advisor in Trauma and Dissociation Israel.[4]


Personal life[edit]

Somer was born in Israel, a son of Holocaust survivors.[5]

Academic and professional life[edit]

Somer received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The University of Haifa in Israel (1976, 1980).[6] He received his PhD at the University of Florida in 1984. Somer’s doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Carolyn M. Tucker was on "Spouse Marital Adjustment and Patient Life Engagement as Factors in Dietary Compliance of Chronic Hemodialysis Patients."[7]

Between 1987 and 2007 he was a Clinical Director of Maytal - Israel Institute for Treatment and Study of Stress.[8][9] Somer's service at the University of Haifa began in 1987, when he joined the R.D. Wolfe Centre for the Study of Stress.[10] He has been a faculty member of the University of Haifa School of Social Work since 1992.[6]

Somer is a Ministry of Health (Israel) certified supervisor in both clinical psychology and hypnosis.[11][12]

Currently, he is a clinical professor of psychology at the University of Haifa School of Social Work. He is also a Clinical Director at Somer Counseling and Psychotherapy,[13] and serves as scientific advisor in Trauma and Dissociation Israel.[4]

Eli Somer has conducted research on maladaptive daydreaming,[14] and is credited with coining the term.[15]

Honors and awards[edit]




Some of Somer's more notable publications:

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  • Somer, Eli, and Meir Saadon. "Therapist-client sex: Clients' retrospective reports." Professional Psychology: Research and Practice 30.5 (1999): 504.
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  • Somer, Eli, et al. "Brief cognitive-behavioral phone-based intervention targeting anxiety about the threat of attack: A pilot study." Behaviour Research and Therapy 43.5 (2005): 669-679.


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