Elias Karam

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Elias Karam
Native name الياس كرم
Birth name Elias Karam
Born 1960 (age 56–57)
Al-Hasakah, Syria
Genres Arabic pop music, Arabic Tarab, Arabic music, Middle Eastern music, Syrian, Dabke
Years active 1982 – present

Elias Karam (Arabic: الياس كرم‎‎) (born 1960) is a Syrian singer from Assyrian/Syriac ethnic origins, born in the city of Al-Hasakah in the Northeastern governorate of Al-Hasakah.


Elias was born in Al-Hasakah, Syria in the Northeastern governorate of Al-Hasakah. He learned playing Oud from his father[1] and was inspired by Wadih El Safi at a young age, prompting him to write his first song at 16.[2] After turning professional at the age of 20, Elias started composing music. His wrote the song ‘Amari, Tarab ya kalbi and Koullon ‘anak saalouni.[2][3] Elias has toured all over the Arab world, Canada, United States, and a number of European countries. He also appeared in some TV series in Syria.[4]